Getting Settled

I spent all day yesterday moving stuff from the trailer to the house. It was shocking to see how much we had crammed into that tiny space. A whole house full of necessities is now back in the house, while the "extras" remain in storage. I really like this lack of clutter, and think I'll just leave most of the decorative stuff where it is, packed away in boxes.

The biggest difference in living in a house, after living in a trailer, is the size--well, that, and the fact that nothing moves. It's like we've been on a boat all this time, and I'm still not used to solid ground. And the distance I have to cover just to grab a pen seems enormous now. In the trailer I could just stand in one place and pivot around, reaching everything from one place. We would joke, no matter where you go, you're already there. But having to walk across a whole house to get to things isn't so bad. I think of it as exercise. And the dogs love having all this room to romp. They run and play together now, and are happier than I've ever seen them.

I'm happy again too. So is Rick. We were in shock the first day, not sure what had just happened. But now we're remembering all the things we liked about this house to begin with. It's still too big for us, and we'd still like to sell it and get something more manageable. But for now, this is really quite nice.

This morning I'm shopping for a new vaccuum--something we didn't need in the trailer, and the one we left here was turned into a poop-vac... peeee-yooooo! Gotta buy a new one, and a full size tea kettle. The tiny things that work so well on the road are just plain too small here. We'll just keep the trailer stuff in the trailer. It will wait there for us, and we'll use it again. And if we decide to retire it from the road, it will make a terrific guest house.

Talking to a friend yesterday, I joked that I'd probably keep changing things, that I'd never be happy. She laughed and said she wasn't going to be the one to point that out to me. And it's true, sort of. Maybe I'll never be satisfied, because that would mean being finished. Happy, yes. I can be happy. I am happy. But life is a creative process, always expanding, always changing. And in that way, I don't even want to be satisfied. Happy satisfaction in each little moment, just as it is, is all I can ask for. And when I remember to feel that, everything else just falls into place.


Penny said…
Just be open and ready for the next adventure, and for now, love where you are :).
Carolien said…
Kim I'm happy to read you're happy again :)
I think it's one of the best quotes ever: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans ~~ John Lennon.
Life is not something that is static, it changes and you have to be flexible. Just enjoy that, you wouldn't want to eat the same food every day would you?
Hugs! Carolien
PA said…
One of my favorite quotes is "live in the present; the past is gone, and the future isn't here yet." So just enjoy your cozy nest for the winter and see what comes along next. Polly Anna
Anonymous said…
PA love your comment. Kim, it is great you both are feeling better about the house. I moved from a large house to a small house about 1 1/2 years ago and much of my stuff is in storage, so there is not much clutter or stuff around the new house. How we all end up with so much is amazing. Enjoy. Suzie
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your new (old) home! Enjoy the holidays!
Sara in fl
It's great to see you're happy!
I love change, and have to remind myself daily to appreciate the "NOW" instead of always looking forward to the changes tomorrow may bring.

Ruth said…
I have friends who live variously in Estes Park, Colorado; Cambria, California; and Taos, New Mexico. This year they are spending the holidays in Taos and their children are joining them. I'm a bit envious of both of you. Taos is one of a few places I had thought of moving to; however, it never seemed timely. You'll get the snow, beautiful mountains and plains, while I'll get the Pacific Ocean, with my family this Christmas. All of us have a lovely life!
catowoods said…
A favorite old saying - "The future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a gift - that's why it's called the Present" - is always in my mind as i get up every morning.
My youngest daughter, Serenity, is the one that has taught us the most about living each day, enjoying each moment - but your positive thoughts and beautiful glass work provide the inspiration to keep going beyond what we thought could do.
Charlotte said…
I'm glad your sadness is gone. As for the beadmaking...I'm sitting here gazing at my gratitude bracelet and I know the world would be a much less beautiful place if you stopped. Little droplets of beauty frozen forever. A very special legacy.
jan said…
Oh, Kim....what a beautiful matter where you go you are already there...that is the story of life itself. Be healthy, be happy, be yourself!
Yvonne said…
So glad that you are enjoying the house and that the dogs are romping so happily. Feeling the steadiness of the earth under yourselves must be good for now.

Anonymous said…
I love seeing the highly creative mind in action. Nothing is static in the artist's life - and that's a good thing. N
Jean said…
such good points and such a great blog entry! I understand how you must be feeling. That sense of empathy is so cool!
I think it's just part of the nature of a creative keep changing things. We really have only two choices: fight it, which is no fun at all or.. be happy and roll with it.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoy looking at pictures of your house, so very nice. I am just waiting patiently for the money to come so I can buy!! I also enjoy how you write about how you feel in your daily activities..
Ruth on the Coast
G said…
it's funny how things happen...things you think you can't live without when you hit the road in the trailer are still in storage and you don't miss the spring it would be another step to freedom to clear out the storage! Been doing it with Christmas decorations! feeling free again!
Anonymous said…
Kim, Now you have a taste of my life in 5th wheel during the 13 winters my husband was a ski instructor in Red River. Of course, we went home to Texas every spring, but you are right about the difference in space between a house and a trailer, and the "togetherness" it creates. We sold the trailer and kept the house when he had heart surgery, but plan to come over your way with kids and grandkids in February. Maybe we can visit again in you glass workshop.
MoonRae said…
The sun always rises and brings a new better day
Babette said…
Time to get a tree and decorate. Eggnog would be nice with a spike of burbon ... soft music in the background. Ah, such is the Christmas spirit. Love it!
Merikay said…
Your blog has inspired me to look at the beauty around me now, not just dream of "when." I saw some really neat shadows yesterday and did a blog about them. I'd love to have you look at it.
Renee said…
Thanks for reminding me..." Happy satisfaction in each little moment, just as it is, is all I can ask for. And when I remember to feel that, everything else just falls into place."
So true..and some days not easy to "be"!!
Anonymous said…
So glad to hear that you are happy and have been having so much fun being back in Taos.
Happy Holidays.
Anonymous said…
Life is a work in progress as are most of my projects ! Glad you are enjoying the elbow room of the house and that the critters are happy ENJOY ! April N
m.e. said…
Life truely is about the journey.
I agree it is giving up to say "I'm satisfied.No more searches,discoveries or changes for me".
At that point I believe we are alive... but, I don't think we are really living !
For now enjoy the fact that the "journey' across your living room makes you happy !
m.e. :)
Levonne said…
Well I love change too. John and I are on the brink of change again. We may be moving into our next location this weekend. I do enjoy getting to know a new place. Your house is now your new place, seen with fresh eyes and experienced with senses that have another memory. Enjoy your change and your home and now. I can hear that you are happy.

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