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Feeny Lipscomb is a long time Taos resident, much loved by her many friends, and recently diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Let me quickly stop you from sending sad and dismal thoughts her way. Just stop it right there! Because Feeny is not only a fighter, but has Taos Love on her side, which is a very big thing. Last night Feeny's friends got together to throw a fundraiser for her at the KTAO Solar Center. The place was packed, money flew out of wallets, silent auctions lined table after table, raffle tickets were snapped up, music played, the bar was open, food was served, and people partied like crazy. Never once, in the entire evening, was there so much as a downcast look, a sad sigh, or any indication of gloom. The overwhelming mood was that of Love, and it had a contagious, healing effect on everyone there.

(Thanks to Jaap Vanderplas for taking over my camera for a while)

Feeny's cancer is inoperable, and so she has done her research and chosen to use "alternative", natural methods to heal herself. I hesitate to ever use words like "fight" or "battle", because what we fight, we feed. I always think it's better to focus our loving attention on Health, spending more time thinking of what we want, rather than what we don't want. This was how that huge crowd of wonderful Taosenos (taos-en-yos) behaved all evening, accentuating the positive in a big way.

This is what small towns do for their own. At least I like to think so. I've seen it time and again in Taos, and right now, I'm so proud of this town I could just burst. I want to invite you to join us. Maybe you can relate in some way, and maybe you can use a hit of this Taos Magic for yourself. Let me assure you, you are most welcome. Feeny can be found on Facebook, under Friends For Feeny, as well as on her blog, FeenysFriends. Last night's silent auctions have ended, but there will also be an online auction soon, which I'll be sure to link you to as soon as it's up and running. We need to raise at least $36,000, and I know we can do it. Please help us if you can, and no matter what, please keep the positive, healing, loving thoughts flowing, not only for Feeny, but for yourselves and everyone you come into contact with. Love, Love, Love to you all.


  1. We should all strive to be strong women like Feeny! Us southwest women are made of tough stuff!

    Penny \IiiI

  2. "I hesitate to ever use words like 'fight' or 'battle', because what we fight, we feed."


  3. I totally agree, we are what we say. I say here are thoughts of health and happiness for your friend. May she be blessed with good days ahead.

  4. I also send my healing thoughts to Feeny! Suzie

  5. Happy, healing thoughts headed to Feeny. She sounds like a wonderful person who is very lucky to have the nice folks of Taos as friends.
    Sara in FL

  6. Light to Feeny and to you too Kim!! Your attitude and generosity is very inspiring!! Thank you for sharing

  7. Healing thoughts to Feeny. She sounds like a real "life force" who has touched many. Polly Anna

  8. Healing light and love to Feeny. It's wonderful that the people of Taos are all so great.

    Kim, you always show how special it is to live in Taos - hope you continue to enjoy it there as you are among so many friends.


  9. "Amen!" I have three very close friends who have won against breast cancer. The longest one has survived for 15 years. She used alternative and
    the usual medical protocol. My friend is so alive and enjoying every second...
    I send prayers to Feeny.
    Thanks, Cindi

  10. What a wonderful community you are a part of!
    Love and prayers for your friend, Feeny.

  11. looks like a lovely nite filled with love for all!!

  12. What a beautiful story about a totally beautiful woman. Thank you.

    jean xox

  13. Sending best wishes and good thoughts to Feeny. I was heartbroken last week when we lost Elizabeth Edwards to that horrible disease.

  14. I think it was meant to be that you are back in Taos. It seems like such an alive and vital place. It can be amazing what alternative medicine can do.

  15. Sending love and positivity over to you and Feeny and going to spread some over here too!
    Thanx Kim!

    Hugs, Carolien

  16. Loving thoughts and healing wishes to Feeny. She is such a bright beautiful soul. Something about Taos no one ever says anything bad about it. Used to want to retire on the western slopes in Colorado I think I'm adding Taos to the list, Beth

  17. What a wonderful thing! Love the positivity and and outpouring of love. My love and thoughts to you and Feeny too!
    Barb C.

  18. Healing comes from positive energy, from within and being surrounded by the positive support and love from friends, family and even strangers ! Sending Feeny positive energy from Colorado! April


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