Snowflakes and Tiaras

Last week, Deborah and I watched with envy as the kids at the Festival of Trees and Wreaths sat at long tables and made snowflakes out of sparkly silver pipe cleaners and plastic beads. We both wanted to join in, but hadn't thought to borrow a child to get us admission to the craft table. That didn't stop Deborah though. Always resourceful and creative, she hit Hobby Lobby in Albuquerque this week, and last night we were at her dining room table, elbow deep in silver pipe cleaners and plastic pony beads.

The intention was to make snowflakes. Deborah had started before I got there, and had several fine flakes already finished. I made a couple, with pretty good results, and then the third one took off on its own, curving in an odd direction, and eventually taking shape as a... tiara. Wonderful! I love how this happens. I plan to do one thing, and then the plan changes as I go along. It happens here on my blog, in my studio with beads, and in most parts of my life. I've said it before--Make a plan, and plan to change it. 

After a while, we looked at the growing pile of sparkly stuff on the table, and wondered, What are we going to do with these? I suggested putting the snowflakes on an outdoor tree, and left everything I made there with Deborah. For me, it was not about having these things, it was about making them. As for the tiaras, they look marvelous on Deborah. I hope she'll wear them when she celebrates her birthday, and maybe in her studio later, to help keep those creative juices flowing.


  1. That looks great Kim! You two must have had so much fun!
    Hugs, Carolien

  2. Oooh so pretty. I always loved when my daughter was in grade school and I always brought the craft project and cupcakes! This looks like so much fun if I get to finish the muffler that I decided to make for my husband last night I'm going to make these too. Fun! Beth

  3. You've got to admit Kim, it must be great to be among good friends again and have people you can drop in on and share in making pipe clearner tiaras!

  4. It really WAS fun and this morning I wore my purple pipe cleaner tiara to the coffee shop and I was treated to a brownie!!!! I am going to put the others in the pinon tree outside the dining room and maybe stick some seeds to them with peanut butter and lure remaining birds to my view.

  5. Very pretty! I need to make those with my youngest :).

    Have a warm and wonderful weekend!

    Penny \IiiI

  6. What a great time! Reminds me of making pipecleaner reindeer ornaments when I was a kid. Still have some that Grandma made - family treasures. Looks like you had a ball!
    Barb C.

  7. Where is it written that a child has to be of a certain age to make glittery things!

  8. Just goes to show things don't have to be expensive to give a great deal of pleasure. And I know what you mean about the fun being in the "making" rather than the "having." Polly Anna

  9. Ah, so glad to see that Kim always find a way to have such fun with innocent materials. Glad that the tiaras just happened along, too.


  10. Thanks for the awesome idea I have always wanted a snowflake only Christmas tree, with snow flakes make of paper, beads, crocheted and now will add sparkly pipe cleaners ! Hooray for new ideas ! April

  11. Every girl needs sparkly things. Snowflakes and tiaras are perfect!! Sara in FL

  12. The snowflakes are lovely and I can just
    imagine the glitter that you will be seeing
    for a very long time! The tiara is fabulous
    and would be great for girls night out...
    Thanks, Cindi

  13. Do I see a Vegas influence in that tiara? Maybe it could use a few feathers, too? Things like this break up a funk quickly. Thanks for sharing the fun. Norine

  14. "Make a plan & then plan to change it." Oh so true, so true, so true!

  15. It's always fun to make stuff. But more fun when you're spending time with a friend.

  16. Great idea, they turned out great. Suzie


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