Staying Open

I was joking with Rick last night, as we waited up for the lunar eclipse, that it would be so funny if the County Parks Boss in Ashland called to offer Rick a job, just as we're starting to feel somewhat grounded in Taos again. That's the way it works, doesn't it? The minute we're content with what we've got, something new is offered. When we let go of wanting something, that's when it can find its way to us. It happened that way when Rick and I met. That very morning I'd told my boss that I was fine and dandy raising my kids by myself, and that's just what I planned to do. Then at lunchtime, I bumped into Rick at the park, and we've been together ever since. I only found him because I wasn't looking for him.

So it's no surprise that bright and early this morning, County Parks Boss called to see if we might want to camp host again next summer. I made some kind of weird Ninja Camp Host face, and Rick told him that we didn't really want to do that again, but he'd consider a paid job if one came available. He added that we'd also need a place to park our trailer for the summer. Might as well ask for everything you want, right? Well, the Boss was very encouraging, saying that he thought they could find a spot for us, and he'd call again soon...

Hilarious! We just looked at each other and laughed. If a real offer comes through, we can decide what to do then. Summer in Ashland and winter in Taos would be ideal for me. I don't love the spring mud-and-wind season here, or the summer monsoon season, but I do enjoy the fall and winter months. I'm sure a bunch of other things to consider will pop up between now and then, but it's already fun to think about another summer in Ashland, hopefully without camp hosting, and without a bead tent. What would I do instead? Well, I'm not the one to ask, that's for sure! But I do know that staying open to everything brings a lot more options our way. We still get to say the final Yes or No, but it sure is nice to have some fun choices to pick from. It's also nice to get those reminders that the Magic still works. Hold on really, really tight to whatever is in your hands, and you've got whatever that is. Open up and let it go, and anything can land there in its place.

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  1. "Hold on really, really tight to whatever is in your hands, and you've got whatever that is. Open up and let it go, and anything can land there in its place." I like that.

  2. Be careful what you wish for!
    Linda G

  3. You are so right Kim, as soon as I let go all good things come my way, and along with those things come direction in some form. Good for you-maybe we can meet in Flagstaff for coffee!

  4. That's the way it works for sure. I know that when I quit worrying about something, it always works out. So you'd think I'd learn to stop worrying :)

  5. So many times I have wondered why I haven't gotten a letter or package in the mail, or why
    someone hasn't called me, etc....Of course,
    whatever I am wondering seems to happen that
    very day! Coincidence or not?!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  6. I learned to stop worrying a long time ago. Sometimes it creeps back in, but as soon as I let it go, everything is fine - more than fine!. It's just so hard sometimes to be a human being.

  7. Remember asking God what would happen and him shrugging? Now he is chuckling and can't wait to see what happens next either lol.

    Life is what happens when we are busy making plans :).


  8. I so agree with Zoe. Suzie

  9. That really is amusing. I'm going to chuckle all day with you.


  10. Love this story; you are increasing your options and making all the options delicious. Joan Tucker

  11. Wow, a summer home and a winter home---how..upper crust! What ever happens, you will love it all!!
    What you are looking for will come- the Yiddish word for it is 'bashert' - meaning: it was meant to be! Enjoy!!! Sara in FL

  12. Like I said in my previous post - there's no reason you can't have two "homes." And like the country/Western song says, "sometimes God's greateat gifts are unanswered prayers" - the secret is to do what you're trying to do and stay open. Hope you saw the eclipse - we set the alarm and got up to see only very heavy fog - darn. Polly Anna

  13. One year at a time! Not having a bead tent for a few months might bring you back to Taos with a build up of new ideas and energy. Or not.

    Life is short, it's great to experiment with where you are living. Much better than feeling stuck!

  14. I'll drop by and say hi! funny gotta go to Oregon to say hey and we live only 4 or so hrs away....(look I made a rhyme hehehe)
    ~Isn't Life Grand~

  15. How exciting....the life of snow birds!!!!

  16. What a great post. Merry Christmas.

  17. That would be wonderful! We would LOVE to see you guys back here in Ashland!
    Laurel & Eric

  18. That is great! I also love your picture with it, shows to let go en you get the light :)
    Hugs, Carolien

  19. Murphy's law of life!!!
    But, it might just be perfect for you !
    By spring you might be wishing you were in Ashland fall you might be longing for Taos again . Funny how things work out when you stop swimming against the current and let yourself be sweep were the river takes you ...
    m.e. :)

  20. It seems that is what life is about choices ! IT is great to have the opportunities to to go on adventures and experience new things, renews one's soul ! April

  21. Couldn't agree more! I've found that when I stop looking for or expecting things to happen, they tend to fall into place the way they're supposed to. :)

    Michelle Rockett

  22. Too much that the County Parks Boss in Ashland did call and make an offer. . .one that you might take if your wishes are granted.

    It's great that your options are ever so wide, fun and expected/unexpected. That open hand is the perfect picture.


  23. Isn't that like reverse snow bunnies? Fantastic. Beth

  24. I have told myself many times that if I am patient things will fall into my lap. Patience can be hard....but it is very worthwhile in many ways.


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