Taos Shines

The Lighting of Ledoux St is an annual event that literally outshines all others. The whole town turns out to stroll along this quaint little street, filled with galleries and shops, and lined from end to end with paper bag luminarias. The humble bags-with-candles are also called farolitos, and last night I heard someone call them bagolitos. Funny! Crackling camp fires blaze at intervals along the way, so people can stop and warm up, while sipping wine or cider, munching cookies, and chatting with friends. Last night was, by all accounts so far, the Best Ledoux Ever. The pictures I took are terribly blurry because I hate using the flash, so I did a little digital magic in Photoshop, and made them look like paintings. It's a perfect way to depict Taos, which I think must have more artists per capita than just about anyplace. Enjoy...


  1. LOVE the bagilitos! That would be a way to settle the disagreement between Albuquerque (luminarias) and Santa Fe (farolitos). ;-)

  2. We call them luminarias in El Paso lol. Maybe there is a strange difference between Texan Spanish and New Mexican Spanish hehee. Love the pic effects!

    Penny \IiiI

  3. How gorgeous! I try to put out luminaries for
    all of the holidays...There is something magical
    about them to me!
    Thanks, Cindi

  4. Great impressionist "paintings", Kim. I especially like the second one with the people and angular perspective. I'm not a fan of Van Gough, but it has a similar balance to some of his work. And now if I get really frustrated with someone, I can tell him to put a bagolito on his head. Sooo funny. Norine

  5. I'm a little jealous of all there is to do in Taos during the holiday season. Enjoy!

  6. Really seems like a nice place to be for the Holidays.

  7. You make Taos seem like the place one must experience at this time of year at some point in our lives.

  8. I can't stop looking at the third photograph with the translucent floating figure! I think that you should get out the watercolors again and paint that beautiful composition! Thanks for sharing the great artistic pictures...they make me want to return to Taos for a longer visit.
    Diane in Pa

  9. The town next to mine put out luminaries on Christmas eve. So pretty driving around and if there is a fresh layer of snow I turn my lights off and let the luminaries lead the way. Neat photo shop techique kind of like Van Gogh or Monet. Beth

  10. Beautiful, Taos really goes all out for the holidays. Suzie

  11. I will be visiting Taos for the first time in next year, late spring. I'm already counting down the days! Your blog makes the anticipation that much sweeter.

  12. Looks like a Christmas Trip to Taos needs to be on my bucket list ! Really like the painting look of the pics ! April


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