What A Day...

What an amazing day. Like quantum physics for dummies. So much has happened in one little day. There isn't room for this much, but here I am telling about it...

I was up half the night, obsessed with all things dirty and blingy, and slept late to make up for my hours of mid-night wakefulness. Rather than my usual morning routine of computer stuff and blogging, we got right to work and headed to the other end of town to get daughter Julia's stuff out of an expensive storage unit, and into our own storage shed behind the house. It took two long trips, in the snow, moving a big bed, smaller furniture, and lots of boxes of uncovered stuff, stuff, stuff.

On the first trip, Rick went into the office to get the key, and ran smack into Donald Rumsfeld. I swear it's true. Don was sending a FedEx package, and made the friendly gesture of introducing himself to Rick, and chatting about how much he likes Taos, and how the family is all visiting from all over. How entirely surreal. We do not in any way perch on his side of the political fence, and I'm really proud of Rick for being so cordial to a man many people regard as Satan Himself. We figure he's in Taos for good reason. What better place for so many people to shine their little lights on him? He might actually have a chance at becoming a Good Human here. But then, it's really not for me to say...

Some time later, moving done, stuff in its new place, day half gone, we headed out for our reward. Coffee! Then on to the hardware store, where I bought some variations on gnarly wire, and some new spongy sanding blocks--one of my favorite tools. Next stop, the art supply store, where Rick picked up some oil painting supplies. It was so spontaneous and delightful. He'd found an easel in Julia's stuff, and decided it would be fun to make use of it, and try his hand at painting again, after 30 years away from it. I was so excited I cleared half my studio to make room for him. And so here we are, sharing yet another facet of our lives. I'm surprised at myself. I like this arrangement. You'd think we'd get tired of each other, but we don't. We're a good team, so this makes sense too. And I'm so thrilled to see my sweetie making art again.

We spent the first half of the evening in the studio, me making what I make, and dreaming of the new things that want to be made, and Rick making a painting, his first in a long time. Snow's still falling, and Rick is on a run now for veggie tacos from the Guad Grill to go with the champagne we cracked earlier. Does it get any better? I think not. But I've been wrong before.

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  1. Hats off to Rick, I don't think my husband would have been as civil in fact I know exactly what he would have done but that is another story. Sharing a studio is great and don't forget to post the works of art you two will create! Beth in Illinois.

  2. Sounds like a perfectly lovely evening!! Enjoy!


  3. Wow it does sound like a interesting day. It is great that you enjoy each other so much.

  4. Good for Rick; I don't think I could have been civil so am glad I wasn't tested! Polly Anna

  5. Great job Rick, on your encounter with D Rumsfeld-don't think I could have even been civil-self restraint is not my strong suit!!! Rest of the day-WOW! Anticipating the his-n-hers studio productions! Sara in FL

  6. What a great day ! Got things accomplished and an awesome studio mate, what could be better ? hmmmm can't think of a thing ! April : )

  7. Oh wow, that looks great your studio with Rick painting. I hope when my studio is finished my DH will join me too up there (I'm in the attic).
    Hugs, Carolien

  8. The only reason my husband joins me in my "studio"is because I work in my kitchen!
    You are very fortunate to have someone to share creative energy with!
    Hoping you will show us some of Rick's paintings soon. Maybe it's time for him to be your guest blogger again?
    m.e. :)

  9. Good for Rick for showing D.R. how nice people are supposed to be. And, a studio buddy? What fun!

  10. I am so happy to see you so happy and to see all the new positive energy flowing!!! Sounds like a perfect day.... except for Rumy..... but perhaps there's a bigger message there. Those lights will need to be plentiful and shine PRE-TTY brightly, me thinks!

  11. Go Rick, will be cheering you on. My husband loves to paint, he was inspired by Jackson Pollack, he'll get out the canvas, paints and things he uses to splatter paint everywhere, they look so good. Sounds like a wonderful evening, you also sound super excited about the new direction of jewelry. Suzie

  12. Hi Kim,
    What a fabulous day! Accomplishment and serendipity and art, with you honey. Who could ask for more, seriously? Another thing we have in common by the way. My honey is also an artist who has painted in years. I love when he paints, I love his paintings, I love sharing art with him. Nothing better than a heartfelt conversation with him about our art or art. I understand.

  13. It sounds like a wonderful, creative winter is ahead of you both in that cozy studio.

  14. So glad that you got the "work" out of the way and had time to enjoy togetherness in your studio. It's great that Rick has the enthusiasm for his painting that he has been away from for so long.



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