Winner and Watercolors

We have a winner! This week's Gratitude Bracelet goes to...

MoonRae (Sharon)!
Please contact me right away by email, and tell me where to send your bracelet!

We'll start again on Monday. There are still 3 more bracelets to win! Thanks everybody!!!

And now, a quick visit to the studio. Sure, I make beads out there. But sometimes I get distracted by something other than glass, like the silver pipe cleaners the other night. Yesterday it was a worn out set of dollar store watercolors and a stack of biz card sized watercolor paper. Going with what I remembered from my cousin Mitzi, who is the Queen of Watercolor, as far as I'm concerned, I soaked my scraps of paper, swirled some water into the paints, and started playing. Gravity, paper towels, and a small pink hair drier played their parts in the process, and a little while later, I had three tiny paintings resting on my torch table in a pile of clear glass.

Are they any good? Well, no, of course not. That's not the point. The point is they were fun to make, like the pipe cleaner tiaras. It's easy to forget that creative play is important, not only in stretching an artist's vision of her work, but in everyone's daily challenge to make life interesting. We're supposed to have fun. We're supposed to create. We're supposed to play and explore and do things we don't think we know how to do. It's all part of the process of creating our lives. I hope you have some fun today. Ready? Set? Go!


  1. Congrats Sharon!

    Very ethereal watercolors :). I got bored one day and decorated one of the windows in our backroom with flatback mosaic beads, using a hot glue gun. Turned out pretty cool, and even got the girls involved.

    Have a warm weekend,

    Penny \IiiI

  2. Thanks for the reminder to play creatively Kim. I forget that most of the time.

  3. WOW,I'm not sure what to say but THANK YOU KIM!! I'll drop you a email. I'm just so thrilled!
    The little watercolors are beautiful,they would look great in frames or even as a special card to someone

  4. See? They're good. They were even good for your blog!

  5. More play, more creativity, more fun for Kim!!

    Always fun to see what you are doing.


  6. Trying to remind myself of this as well ... yay for more play!

  7. I think they are great Kim! I love watercolors myself too, just don't play with them enough. Maybe I need to unpack that box of paint en pencils... :)
    Hugs, Carolien

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  9. Oh Kim how right u are.
    Creative Play is the best by far
    So important it is to be silly
    No rules, outside the lines...
    Crayons, paints, glue & glass
    Let your heart run free
    through the gardens of joy...
    A surprise always awaits
    Along with a lightness of heart
    Ohhh. THANKS KIM
    I can't wait to start!!

  10. Diversity is a marvelous thing, Therapeutic and refreshing ! I happen to like all 3 of them !

  11. They would look wonderful in fancy gold gilt frames. Suzie


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