Come On In

Baby, it's cold outside, and there's another storm just settling in. My weather widget says it's 16º, and feels like 6º, snow today, with a high of 18º. Can that be right? Oh yeah, this is Taos, land of extremes and challenges and chaotic beauty. Checking in on the internal contentment widget, mine says, Happy with a chance of Euphoria, Highs and Lows to be ignored as much as possible. Personal dips and blips aside (three big ones in the last few days), I'm riding the storms like a rodeo queen, and luckily, doing it from the warmth of our cozy adobe house.

We took the house off the market the other day, and have decided to make this work, this too-big house with its too-big mortgage. I don't know how we'll make it work, but I trust that we will, because we always do. Looking through the storage shed out back yesterday, I found a couple of favorite purses, a coffee maker we no longer have the need for, and the prescription glasses I was convinced I'd sold a year and a half ago for $3 at our yard sale. I didn't find the things I was hoping for, but that would have required some kind of magic I don't know how to do, because the things were never there in the first place. We have a lot of stuff, and for the most part, everything we need, and a lot we don't need. But there is a bit of a Wish List connected with our decision to stay here, and since it's always good to put things in writing, here's the list...

We need/want a top-loading, stacking washer/dryer (for washing clothes, and felting), two rugs (one for the cold living room tile floor, and one for the rough dining room slate), a big comfy chair to sit by the little fireplace in the dining room, a sofa bed for the office, a small car for me, and a new TV. It's a lot, I know. And some of these things are things some people absolutely could/would not do without. We're patient though, and experience reminds us that once you provide a place for Stuff, stuff will find you.

Meanwhile, it's cold outside, and nice and warm in here. The Chocolate Room has become a favorite place to hang out (which it never was for me, back when it was red). It's finished except for the new dog bed I need to sew, and of course, the wish listed rug. But it's a good room. We like it anyway. So come on in, out of the cold, and watch the storm from a more comfortable spot.


  1. Hope you get all things on your wish list. Suzie

  2. The sofa beds at Ikea are nice (the ones that click down to become a bed). You can get one with a spring mattress or a foam mattress. I believe they ship.

  3. Do the have a freecycle in your area? It's amazing the things people want and want to give away.

  4. You've been so positive through all this....things will come

  5. since you live in an artist's mecca 'bout good old fashioned barter? Could you trade beads or lampwork lessons for your wish list items???
    Meantime... Red wine goes wonderfully with chocolate...might as well enjoy the storm !
    m.e. :D

  6. Send it out to the universe and you'll get what you need.

  7. I got a large, gorgeous 100% wool Persian rug on eBay for less than $100 — including shipping from out of the country. There are deals to be had that are even better than that. Check it out!


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