Forging Ahead

As you can see, I've been busy in the studio, making necklaces and tiaras and then piling them up to take pictures of them. I'm also working on a new website, just for this jewelry. I hope to have it up and running in the next few days. Like the jewelry itself, the name has morphed to something slightly other than what it started as. Steel Alchemy, which was a good name, has been replaced with Alchemy Jewelry Studios. There's a good reason for this. The new name leaves both ends open for expansion. By leaving out "steel", I can explore other metals, as well as any other materials that interest me. I can even use my own beads, if I ever feel drawn back to the torch again. And by calling it "studios," plural, I have the option of inviting other artists to join me at some point. It's that cooperation thing I was talking about yesterday. I don't know for sure that this will happen with this particular new website, but I like having the option. Meanwhile, a couple more pictures to show you what I'm up to. These will all be available for your own adornment pleasure... soon!


  1. YEAH!!! Hoping to own something new from you in the future!!! Love the new stuff and love following your....... creative meanderings that a good way to describe it???!!!! : )

  2. Cool. Can't wait to see your new site. Suzie

  3. Much success and good fortune on this new endeavor!!!!!

  4. alchemy being defined as the search for the "elixir of life "...
    You have picked the PERFECT name !!!
    Wherever your quest takes you, may your journey be magical !!!
    m.e. :)

  5. I love the name and I love the photo of the dirty hands! I'm so thrilled for you to be heading in a new, exciting direction! Polly Anna

  6. .. love the jewels ...


  7. Love all this new stuff. . . jewelry, studios, etc. You certainly are having fun with it so others can share along.


  8. New adventures and new titles are always stimulating for the soul. Love the look and feel of the new website. The bling is to die for gorgeous. The script in your title is wonderful it has a twisted wire look that is very fitting for your new adventure. Be careful and rest those hands and wrists, we don't want you getting tendonitis in those talented joints.


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