It's a Dirty Job

I finished up three necklaces yesterday, and had Rick take pictures of my hands holding them. I love the contrasts; the dirt, the sparkle, the hard metal, the soft skin. These pieces are truly a labor of love, and as with so many things that are worth doing, it takes a lot of mess to uncover the beauty. I'm about ready to part with these, and will probably take "clean" pictures today, and post them in the BeadShop. But first, I really wanted you to see a bit of how these are born.


  1. Wow...great necklaces and those hands that made them. Suzie

  2. There is certainly nothing wrong with naming these new beautiful creations "Ice and Steel".

  3. I'm with Pattayo. Ice and Steel is perfect! Love the necklaces!


  4. Will they make your neck black?

  5. I suppose you do have to take "clean" photos.
    But,I really love these! I think you could sell these photos. The contrast is wonderful!
    Eye catching art pics that make a real statement !
    Women work hard at life! But, they remember to take time to appreciate beauty !
    m.e. :)


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