Laughter Always Helps

When my kids have birthdays, I feel... older...
This helped me feel a little better about it today.
Don't be fooled by the "expected" beginning.
Expect to laugh.


  1. That was amazing lol! Thank you for sharing it! Just crept up on it!

  2. That was great, Thanks. Suzie

  3. Oh Kim that was so great! Thank You. What a bringer of light this lady is.......I am sure gonna work on bringing humor into my life and those around me! My friend has a bumper sticker that simply says "Oh laugh"
    ruth at the ocean

  4. Kim,
    Thanks for sharing this gem of a lady with us and her fabulous humor. You made my day (again!). And thanks for making the world a brighter place through your insightful and thoroughly enjoyable blog and your stunningly gorgeous creations. I love them all. :)
    In case you or our blog community missed it, here's another inspirational lady on aging:

    Make it a great day!!
    All the best,

  5. Thank you for sharing a great lady with a wonderful attitude.... let me be a little more like her.
    And Kim... I really like the way your new jewelry line is going. Let the thoughts keep flowing.


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