Steel Alchemy

I have a name for my "new business", if that's what it is. It's at least a new "line", this steel and CZ stuff, and I've zeroed in on "Steel Alchemy" for the main name, and will use other related names for individual pieces. I like it, the idea of turning something of "no value" into something precious. Value is all in our perception anyway. Gold and diamonds are precious and valuable to humans because we've told each other they are. Dogs and daffodils and palm trees don't care so much for these things. Precious and valuable to them are water, light, air, and food; things we tend to take for granted.

I'm hoping that Steel Alchemy will assist me with some Life Alchemy. When working on something new that really grabs my attention, I go to a place where the world disappears and Things Of Interest come to me, springing one from the other. It's meditative and productive at the same time. It's how I operate, how I allow Creativity to work through me.

January, for many people, is a time to sort and sift and tidy things up. It's introspective and restful. It's the perfect place for a new year to start, right at the beginning, in the cold, dark quiet that's so conducive to hibernation and personal composting. For me, it's a good time to hide out in my studio, turning dirty steel into things of beauty, and considering all that's precious and valuable in my life.


  1. Hi Kim, There's nothing like getting your hands dirty when you're doing work that is gratifing to oneself. Steel alchemy has a great ring to it. I like it. I like the jewelery too. Beth in Illinois.

  2. I like Steel Alchemy a lot! January around here is a time when everyone crawls into their caves not to be seen again until around the end of March lol. Perfect time to discover new crafts to play with if you ask me :).


  3. I love my steel wire....who needs gold and silver!!?? I tend to shop more at the hardware store than at my local jewelry supply....well except for my saw blades,hahaha.Broke a few trying to make those jumprings...the guy got a real kick out of me asking him what blades were best for sawing steel wire
    The pieces are gorgeous,the emotion and meaning behind them are truly "precious"

  4. Nice work - glad you are productive and excited once again!

  5. I like Steel Alchemy but something is lacking in the title. The magic that you're reaching to describe isn't quite coming through with the sound of the words together. I am sorry that I don't have an alternative but I'll think on it. I like what is behind this name. What do you think?

  6. Love the name Steel Alchemy. I think the word alchemy is magic in itself.

    You do such beautiful work!

  7. Your experiences with the creative process are inspiring!


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