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I'm sorry for starting off here with an apology, which I never like to do, and now it turns into two, as I apologize for my inattentiveness here of late. Many of us hibernate to a certain extent in the winter months, but for me, it's chaotic here underground. So much life preparing itself to burst open in the spring, and it all seems to require my attention.

The new jewelry is taking up a lot of time, and I don't mind a bit, because I love it. I'm getting so much positive feedback and encouragement that even though sales are slow at the moment, I know I can get this thing to fly, if I can just get it a little ways off the ground. The possibility of putting it in select, high end stores is very tempting. I haven't done the wholesale/retail thing in so long, I'm not sure how to price this new work with resale in mind. I think I'll have to raise the prices in order for it to be worth while for both a shop and for me. That of course means prices would have to go up in my website shop as well, which might mean I lose a certain segment of my long-time following. But I also realize that I need a broader client base, so getting myself out there in this new way might be worth some short term losses. So much to consider. I'm moving slowly...

There's one other big "project" that's going on now, and unfortunately, I can't talk a lot about it. Rick and I are about to become grandparents, and we're so excited, and also so sad to have to keep so many secrets. Our daughter Julia's baby is due in April, and that's all I can say. Baby Daddy is a very bad human as it turns out, to the point where there's a 3 year restraining order in place against him. Of course a person of his character will ignore such a technicality, and he has gone to great effort to stalk Julia and attempt to get back in her good graces. Our girl is no fool though. She's very clear that BD must be banished for all time, and we will do whatever it takes to protect her and her baby from him. So, as much as I want to spill details and plans, I can't. For now at least, until BD really gets it and goes away, I can't say anything more than Julia's in a safe place - not here - and has good protectors standing by.

(And BD, if you're reading this, I wish you Love and Light, far, far away from Julia. Please understand that what you want is not relevant here. Your only concern needs to be for the welfare of Julia and her baby. Your selfish persistence is causing her great stress, which is not good for mother or baby. Know that you are continuing to do harm. You made your choices and created this reality for yourself. Be an adult for the first time in your life, and move on.)

So, my friends, you can see why I'm kind of... distracted... I'll be here as much as I can. This week looks tricky already, but, ah well, what can be done? Tomorrow night Rick and I are having some good friends over for Soup Night, which we used to host regularly back before we went to Oregon. It's always fun, and is a great way to get us all out of our caves in the winter. Then on Thursday, our youngest daughter, Lauren, is coming for a long weekend visit, to celebrate her 25th birthday. I'm a happy mommy!

What a year this is shaping up to be... a new baby in the family, my own baby turning 25 (impossible!), and my baby sister celebrating her 50th in Las Vegas in March. Of course I will be there, with sparkles!

And there you are, all caught up, and off I go, to take pictures of new earrings to share. Have a great week. I'll be back as soon as I can! Phew! I'm tired already and the day's just getting started!


  1. The creation of your strong and very beautiful jewelry line may have been finding energy from your Daughter ! Amazing how the universe works sometimes! All my good thoughts for strength and perseverance are with you and your family at this time.

  2. May Love guide baby's daddy to a contemplative path that will give him a harmonious, fatherly perspetive. Three years is a goodly amount of time to get reestablished and prove his worth. Norine

  3. ~WOW~ you're one helluva busy woman!!! Hang in there sweetie....and congrats on all the GOOD stuff!!

  4. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts. Suzie

  5. Hope all the good keeps growing and growing, and anything that is otherwise just goes away. Wishing you the best. Ah, to look forward to the new baby, and two great birthdays.


  6. Much, much luck with your imaginative new line of creativity!
    Congrats to both of you on your impending grandparenthood!! Praying the angst will be fleeting and BD will disappear!! Then you all can enjoy the new arrival without worry.
    Grandchildren are the best!!!
    Sara in FL

  7. I know your we have had to deal with a less than desirable BD ourselves. But there is always a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel...just keep looking for it! hug...G

  8. I too understand your feelins as we also had to deal with a BD. BD eventually disappeared & that grandchild (who was/is a joy) is now a 33-year old successful computer executive with a child of his own & is a great dad. It's tough but more often than not life turns around. Your daughter is lucky to have support from you and Rick.

  9. My new live-on volunteer neighbor is vegan. I want to prepare a vegan meal and invite her over. What is your very favorite vegan dinner? have you thought of putting a link to one of your favorite recipe sites here on your blog?


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