Buried Treasure

Every so often I'll tromp through the snow to the storage shed behind the house, and rummage around in a box or two, looking for treasures. I recently rediscovered some gemstones I'd bought in Tucson a few years ago, not knowing what I'd do with them. Sometimes it takes a while for a thing to make its destiny known, and yesterday, a strand of lovely faceted, translucent aquamarines spoke to me, loud and clear. They were ready to become jewelry. I used up every single one, and kept a pair of swing earrings for myself. Today I'll head back to the shed, hoping to unearth more forgotten buried treasures. And next year, I may have to get myself back to Tucson!


  1. I have lengths of fake fur and fabric that I bought just because I loved it and didn't know what it would become. As I cull through thins to lighten the load for he RV life, I have had to part with lots of it. Sigh, some things you just can't replace. Jem stones are small enough to keep.

  2. Fabulous earrings. I loved seeing your work on the ears of Patty Lakinsmith at the Best Bead Show in Tucson. She loved them so much she was wearing them to HER OWN SHOW.


  3. Thanks for the report Kate! LOVE that!

    Glad you all like the new stuff :o)


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