Just Checking In

It's a cloudy morning in Taos. Looks like snow, and there's still no gas. Probably not till Monday at the soonest. This whole thing is really starting to wear on people. We're still fine here at home. We have two fires burning this morning, in the wood stove, and in the little kiva fireplace in the dining room. I love this room. Might camp out here all day and knit. It's that kind of day.

Three friends came over to shower yesterday, and we expect them back today. Small comforts, as simple as a hot shower, can mean a lot. We also delivered three space heaters to friends who thought they didn't need them. Turns out they did. Keeping from freezing with inadequate heat is a lot different from keeping warm. I want my friends to be warm.

So, another weird, sort of off balance day. That's all I got. Just checking in. Think I'll make some soup.


  1. Oh dear. Usually people lose electricity and keep their gas. Wish there was something I could do to contribute to the solution. Let me know if there is anything... Norine

  2. We were with out electricity and heat for about 30 hours durring the blizzard of 2011 in the subs of Chicago last Tuesday. Can I say aside from our house at the worst of the outage getting to a freezing 40 degrees I had fun!!! I camped under 3 sweatshirt and 2 comforters and 2 chihuahuas and read a book by flashlight! I haven't had that much time to devote to a book in ages! In fact I came up for some air and said to my husband WOW it's really dark in here and laughed because I forgot I was still under the covers and couldn't see a thing! I felt like I was camping...it was great! Beth it Illinois


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