Snow Diamonds

It's cold out there. Really cold. Too cold. Or maybe I'm just tired of cold. It snowed last night, but the sun's out this morning, at least trying to warm things up. Sun on snow is always a cheery sight anyway. It brings out the snow-diamonds and sparkles in a lovely, blinding way.

I got a small order of new gemstones the other day, along with some terrific new chain nose pliers. My hands were really beginning to feel the strain of the cheap hobby tools I'd been using. These new beauties are a gift from the gods, and my hands are so grateful.

I opened the box and set right to work, making earrings out of these amazing faceted quartz crystals. They sparkle like diamonds in the snow, and have a lovely, edgy, earthy glam that I just love. In the summer, when it's hot and we're all wishing for snow again, I'll wear some of these, and feel instantly cooler...


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