I'm just learning that Facebook is a great little marketing tool. Duh! I learn slowly sometimes...
I've started posting a single piece of jewelry there each day, and so far, that very piece gets sold. Every day. Pretty good averages, so I think I'll keep doing it.

I also think "triangulation" is important when trying to get the word out about something. Think about it. Bridges are commonly built from triangles braced against each other, because that's the strongest way to do it. Triangulating in business can be as simple as posting the same thing on Facebook, and a blog, and in an email. Adding another blog site like BlogHer, and other social media like Twitter won't hurt the triangulation. Because we're not literally depending on a three sided structure for support, there's no limit to the number of "sides" used. The main thing is to use at least three. For some reason, that's where the magic starts.

I'll keep playing with this idea. There's more to explore. I think I'll start something called "Daily Bling," and see how it goes. You're here for the first installment on my blog. Welcome, and Enjoy!

Today's Daily Bling...


  1. I love your triangulation analogy, and I love bridges. My latest bridge discovery was the underside of the Brookyn Bridge (from the boat tour around Manhattan). It's a wonderful strength/beauty example. Norine

  2. Dang those are pretty. Great photo of them! It just occured to me that I could begin test marketing some greeting cards online and see how it goes. I'll use the 3-sided triangulation theory and see how it goes.

  3. That's a great idea because I think I could deal with posting just one item I get all freaked out thinking about posting a ton of stuff, ya know?

  4. Maybe I'll start posting one thing a week on Ebay. It's time I start selling things other than my art work. I won't post my art on Ebay because to me it feels like a flea market!


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