I've been cooking a lot lately, and making a little bit of jewelry. The Bead Muse seems to have left me, and I don't think she'll be back any time soon, if ever. C'est la vie. I really don't mind. Maybe it's just Spring Fever, but I feel like I'm in one of those limbo-places again, where nothing's really wrong, but I know something is trying to shift. As always, I wait for Further Instructions, and wonder what I'm supposed to "be" when I grow up. Can't just Be. That doesn't pay the bills. And besides, it would drive me crazy. So I wait, and I cook, and I ponder the idea of writing some sort of cooking book. I'm getting encouragement, and that helps. I'm making notes and tentatively listing possible chapters. And cooking. Did I mention cooking?

My Mom was a great cook, in a meat-n-potatoes sort of way. I learned a lot from her, and then wandered off to try some tricks of my own. I think I do pretty well, and I know that when we're good at doing something, it's usually a good idea to share that gift with the world in some way. Maybe it's time for me to share this one. All signs point to Do Something New, which is a sharp left and miles away from Keep Banging Your Head Against The Same Old Wall. Even my hands are begging me to ease off the jewelry and give them a rest. The big question is, Will I/can I listen? Or will I chicken out, afraid to jump off the cliff, not trusting the net that has always, always been there...

This morning I woke up intending to make some banana scones, but changed my mind and made a delish breakfast scramble with tofu, sweet potatoes, pinto beans, and spicy red chile sweetened with just a splash of maple syrup. That's what I call inspiration. That's what I want to be listening to. And I know from experience, the better we are at opening up and letting inspiration move through, the stronger the flow becomes. 

Listen. Cook. Write. Repeat.
That's my plan for the weekend.


  1. That breakfast does sound inspired! I was just thinking of you this week Kim and remembering what a wonderful connection I felt with you when you were in Ashland writing. I miss that kind of writing that you use to do. I'm unfolding myself and enjoying the journey.

  2. Really would like to have a cook book with your recipes, Kim....Ruth from the ocean!


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