A Fork in the Road

When I don't know what to do, I usually figure it's best to do nothing. I've been in that stuck spot for a few weeks now, just sort of standing around, scratching my head, and going, What??? Tell me what to do already! I've made a little jewelry, and sold a few pieces. I'm focusing that part of my time on the show I'll do in November. I've had a bunch of email recently, from nice people telling me they miss my beads, and wish I'd go back to making them. Well... that's probably not going to happen. I've been fooled by this ploy before. Oh Kim, oh Kim, we love those beads. We need them. We want them. We will buy them... HA, says me. I've spent the last 3 years doing what those well meaning folks have asked, only to find that they disappear when it comes time to pull out their wallets. Let me put it this way, how long would you go to work if you didn't get paid? Hmmm?

Thanks to "the economy", or global warming, or Mercury in retrograde, or whatever you want to blame Things on, beads and jewelry that were once considered necessary, or at least justifiable, comforts are now "luxuries".  I don't believe it, but since most people do, my work is not really valued at this time in world history. I mean look at tribal people's all over the planet. Sometimes they don't have food or water, but they always have jewelry, because personal embellishments are considered important for a variety of cultural and spiritual reasons. But that doesn't matter a hoot here, and all the begging in the world isn't going to get me back to the torch. To be honest, I think all this struggle is really a Message From God that's finally getting through to me, because I'm finally willing to listen.

Something I've known for a long time is that I'm not just and beadmaker or jewelry maker. I have lots of talents that have been stuffed under the bed for years because my total focus has been on making stuff, making stuff, making stuff... the main goal being to make a living. The guys on the street corners with their "will work for food" signs crack me up. We all work for food. Sheesh. Most of us don't have the luxury of flitting through our days, doing things we love, while somebody else drags the food in. So when the work no longer supplies the food, then the work needs to change.

That's where I'm at. The work needs to change, the blog needs to change, and interestingly, food has become not only the motivating factor, but the inspiration and theme behind the changes. Haha! Heehee! Who knew? It appears that what I'm "supposed" to be spending my time on now is the very thing I've been working for all along. Food.

Almost a year into the vegan adventure, and several months past the RV adventure, I'm finally finding a new focus. I want to write a book. For real. A cookbook of sorts. Or more accurately, a cooking book. Day after day, I put on my apron and make huge messes in the kitchen, all the while taking notes and and stuffing bites of food into any mouth that gets within range. I'm making good stuff. I'm taking good notes. I'm getting encouragement. And I want to keep going. Nobody's paying me to do this. Yet. But Rick's handyman business is doing well, and bless his heart, he's also taken a part time job at the hotel he used to work for. He wants me to do this because it means he gets fed really, really well, and because he believes in me. He always has. More than anybody else I've ever known.

My new mascot is the bumblebee. Scientifically, aerodynamically speaking, the bumblebee can't fly. But still, it does. You can't do that, means nothing to a bumblebee. It does what it does, ignoring the rules. There's a lesson there for all of us. Whatever it is, we can too. What I'm doing now seems impossible, or at least improbable, but I'm going to keep flapping my little wings anyway. Who knows, I just might get off the ground.

So this blog... it was about Taos, back in the Greetings From Taos days. Then I moved it here, thinking the RV thing would last... forever. Now I've pondered starting a new blog, and asking you all to move with me again, but I really don't think that's necessary. I think "taking the long way home" still applies, because this entire Life Journey is really about making our way along as creatively as possible, knowing there's no real goal, no start, no finish, no home other than the great cosmic soup we all swim in. Might as well take the long way every day.

So, I hope to hold your interest, and I plan to stick around after all, sharing this new adventure, and a few recipes here and there. We'll have fun. We always do. When there's a fork in the road, pick it up and eat something with it.


  1. I understand where you are coming from. I am getting re-educated at 50+ so I can get the food and provide the shelter, etc. All the while dreaming of when will I have time for the artist in me to re-emerge. Kudos on cooking, I personally try to avoid cooking, but hey that's just me. Follow your heart, I know about having a fork in the road too ! Good luck ! April N. in CO

  2. Go for that cookbook juju, honey! There's a graphic artist in the family who is also twiddling her thumbs.

  3. What better thing for an artist to do than to segue into the kitchen. It's all art. I'll continue to look for your beautiful posts. Norine

  4. Kim, honestly, I've been wondering when you were going to write a cookbook. Kind of waiting for it.

    When may I pre-order my copy? I would recommend that you consider awarding yourself the opportunity to self-publishing a signed, special first edition. You can always sell the book to a publisher if you want to, but how much better to sell a finished work that your team of friends, fans, and supporters helped fund, than get a contract and write a book that a publisher thinks will Sell?

    It's a fine idea to consider pre-orders an advance, in lieu of a check from Random House. And you don't have to be apologetic if the work takes you a year or more, as long as you are clear when you accept pre-orders what the deal is.

    In point of fact, there are thousands of people who want you to succeed, and will fund whatever adventure you decide to embark on. And who doesn't want a cookbook? Vegan or not hardly matters, good food is good food, and I think anyone would be interested.

  5. Kim...I think the "fork" is apprapo...I love the idea and the leading of your heart. I have long thought that you should be writing more...a book...of sorts...Now think of Julia Child in a more of a vegan/spiritual/whimsical sort of way filled with all of your delightful musings. I believe in it so much I am going send you money for a book that is not even published be cause I want to put that out into the universe for you. I will get your address offline...I am serious about this and I hope others will find their own way to support you in this endeavor...Peace

  6. We all travel our own roads.Along the way we get to checking out the scenery ,rest stops, bumps and turns on our personal journeys.
    What I love about blogs and internet friends in general, is that I get to have a look at a bit of the scenery ,rest stops ,bumps etc someone else is experiencing on their trip through life.
    I've been tuning in for your beads,rv's , then jewelry.I want to know what happens next in your journey!!!
    Please keep writing.I want to keep reading !
    Cheers to you and your cooking adventure !!!
    m.e . :D

  7. OOoh...a vegan cookbook...love it!! I will buy one or two for me and my vegan kids. So working for food is what we all do, and thats why I'm in nursing school at 57 years old. I've decided that my jewelry making will be for my creative outlet, and gifts for friends and family. I won't rule out being in a gallery again, but I don't want to have to rely on that to pay the bills. Can't wait for the book or blog or however you decide to present it!!

  8. I for one will continue to read your bloggy adventures even though I am not a vegan. I think your cooking book idea is great. Check out the site Cookus Interruptus ( a big hit) and Cynthia Laird's book: Feeding the Whole Family. Both great for encouraging people lik me me to cook and eat whole foods.Good luck. Joan Tucker

  9. I think it's great that you have so much encouragement from family and friends to embark on the journey your heart is directing; and that you follow your intuition. I enjoy reading your blog and hope you will continue. I look forward to your recipes - I'm having food allergy issues and am always looking for alternatives.
    If you still do jewelry - you may consider satisfying those that are asking you to make beads again by incorporating some of them into your new jewelry adventure!

    Good luck on your journey - wherever it takes you!

  10. Kim I think the cookbook is another great creative adventure. After your decision not to make beads I counted how many I have to use. I have 12 beads, buttons, and sets. I also have several sets of the small spacer beads. I have given a few away to my best friend and my sister. I am really glad I bought what I did when I did. You are a talented artist. I will miss your beads and at the same time I wish you the best of success with the cookbook. Gail


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