Candle Inspirations

For those of you still holding out, and not joining Facebook, the update for today is...
New Candles! Just in time for Mother's Day!
I'm having a lot of fun with these, and will SOON have some of my own designs, printed on fabric,
for the coolest candles ever!
Get them HERE!


Merikay said…
You've been very busy! I like these better than the Virgin.

Safari animals and animal prints are often popular.
Anonymous said…
These are all very cool--especially "Bubbles". I love "Bubbles". She really makes me laugh.
Levonne said…
I like the addition of gems.
-- Rob said…
I've been reading your blog since it was still about RV Life. I'll be opening a store in the L.A. area at the end of summer and would love to have your candles there. If you'd like to check out what it's all about, go to...

Coach boots said…
How do you do that?

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