The Lights Are On

A quick update on Taos Light Works...
I've got it up and running!

I spent all weekend re-creating my website, and convincing all my creative efforts to peacefully coexist under one roof at With so much going on, it just makes sense to keep it all as streamlines and simple as possible. Now when you visit my main site, you'll find links to Taos Light Works, Alchemy Jewelry, and Art Glass Beads. Have some fun wandering around in there, and if you find any typos, please let me know... I'm a bit bleary-eyed at this point and might have missed something!


  1. I took a quick look over your blog. I really like it. The simplicity of it is great and the information there is comprehensive. Good work. Question: Is your website with blogger? If so, how did you accomplish it? I wanted to have a multipage website housed on blogger but have not been able to figure out how to accomplish it. Thanks Kim! Good consolidation.

  2. That site is built on I've had it for years, but I keep changing the look of it. Really easy to use!

  3. Using Safari on a MacPro I have clicked on the image of the two earrings and get "page not found" The Etsy widget is blank. The Etsy widget that is showing thumbs up comments is working.

    I'm going to try a different browser.

  4. So I tried it on Crome and Firefox on the Mac side and got page not found again.

    I then went to the Windows side of my MacPro and tested it on the newest version of MSE. No luck. By now I have concluded you must have taken it down.

  5. I've moved Alchemy Jewelry to my main site. find it on, or more specifically, this page: I thought I'd redirected the link, but it's still not working right... not sure why, but will go after it again today!

  6. I love this post. Thank you for writing it and sharing your life with all of us!


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