Miso Happy Soup

Springtime in the high desert climate of New Mexico can be pretty psychotic. One day it's sunny flip-flop weather, urging us outdoors to sip margaritas on the patio, and the next we're back inside, next to the fireplace, riding out a thunder-snow storm. Today is one of the cold days, so I made a nice soup for breakfast -- yes! breakfast! -- to sooth and warm us.

Miso Happy Soup is good for lunch or dinner too, of course, but I especially like it in the morning. As a fermented, live food, miso is an easy wake up call for the digestive tract, and is loaded with all sorts of nutrients and health-promoting qualities. I think of it as chicken soup for body and soul, only without anything... uh... dead.

As with other recipes I share, you don't have to be vegan to enjoy this soup. And it's super fast and easy to make, so let's get cooking. Always use the best organic ingredients you can find. If you have some leftover brown rice, you're in luck! If not, cook some up to use in the soup, and save the rest for a nice dinner stir-fry.

Miso Happy Soup

To make about 4 big bowls of soup, saute in a little oil:
1/2 a small onion - chopped
1 stalk celery - chopped
2 carrots - quartered lengthwise and chopped
4 cloves of garlic - sliced thin

When carrots are still crunchy, add:
4 cups water
1-2 cups cooked brown rice
1 cup frozen corn
4 fat pinches of chopped, dried seaweed (really)

Heat to almost boiling and reduce heat to simmer. Never boil miso or you'll kill it.
In a small bowl or cup, place 4 heaping teaspoon "blops" of miso, then ladle a little of the soup broth into the miso. Stir until it's dissolved, adding more broth to thin it down a bit more. You can use any kind of miso you prefer. We happen to have red miso in the fridge today.

Pour the miso-broth into the not-boiling soup and blend. Add tamari to taste, and it's ready to serve. Garnish each bowl of soup with half an avocado, chopped in small pieces.

There you go. Enjoy! No matter what time of day you eat this, it will make every part of you happy. That's how it got its name.


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