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I'm still tinkering with links and attempting to get everything to line up properly in cyberspace. No small task! Why do I create these jobs for myself? Well, creating is creating, I guess. I really like having all my "stuff" in one place. Well, except for the blog. The blog works best here, but the website is another entity all together. A lot of people ask me for advice on site building. The long answer has taken me almost 15 years so far to figure out. It could be a book, but it probably won't. The short answer is:

I'm really not a computer genius. I just pretend to be. I am, however, a firm believer in building one's own website. I've seen too many friends depend on someone else to do it for them, and then dangle helplessly out of control of the whole thing. If you do it yourself, you can make updates and changes any time you want. And it's much cheaper. That matters to some people.

I've moved my site from Earthlink to Homestead to GoDaddy to Weebly. And although Weebly can be a bit skittery to work with at times, I'm staying put. A basic site is free to build and host. Can't beat that. And even if you opt for more bells and whistles, it's still really reasonable. Even cheap. I don't know how they do it, but I love them for it. You can make as many pages as you want, add photos, text, shopping carts, slideshows, videos, blogs, and more. And it's set up so anybody can figure it out. Just drag and click.

So OK, enough free advertising for Weebly. Go there. Check it out. And if you're still intimidated by the idea of building your own website, I'll do it for you. For a fee, of course.

And, while I have your attention, I also have some new earrings on the new Alchemy Jewelry page. I think you need some new decorations.


  1. I get paid Friday :)! Those earrings are *MINE* LOL!!!!!

  2. Link works fine today.

    We have just about every browser there is and my Web Master husband insists on making sure everything works everywhere.

    If you ever need anything tested from outside your computer I'd be glad to do it.

    How are you going to market these? Are you going to wholesale them to shops? I bought something like these with a Christmas theme at a craft show at a senior center in Wisconsin many years ago. They were smaller glasses though. I thought the fabric colors were nice.

  3. Thanks Kim on Weebly. I didn't know about it. I'm going to give it a shot.

  4. Kim, thanks so much for the tip about Weebly. I am fed up with GoDaddy (their ads and their CEO's disgusting behavior) and plan to migrate away from them. Tried Weebly out briefly and it looks very good so far.


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