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I've had a new Bright Idea. Literally. You know those Virgin of Guadalupe candles you can get at the grocery store? I like them so much, I always have at least one around, and when we were trailer-traveling, we used an empty one as a night light, with a rechargeable, battery operated candle inside. They're nice enough, those candles, but they're kind of crummy when you look at them long enough, and they're intended to be disposable, which troubles me. I found myself wishing for a nicer version of the Virgin. I googled all over the place, and spent hours on Etsy and Ebay. I didn't find anything I liked, so, as usual, I decided to make one myself. It came out so beautiful, I quickly cranked out about a dozen, wondering what I was going to do with all of them. And then it hit me. Not a light bulb moment, but a candle moment. The model for a nice new little business was right there in front of me, glowing quietly, waiting for me to notice it.

And so, I'd like to introduce Taos Light Works, my new line of beautiful candles, designed in honor and celebration of women everywhere. I'm making them myself now, but plan to expand to employ one or more local women. I also plan to donate $1 from the sale of each candle to local (and maybe global) organizations that support, assist, and encourage women. Years ago, when we were getting ready to move to Taos, a friend in Seattle raised her eyebrows at me, and asked, "Hmmm... are you a Light Worker?" I didn't even know what a Light Worker was then. But now, in an odd sort of way, I guess I'm becoming one through this. The idea here is not only to support myself and my family, but to help other women do the same thing. I want to shine my little light, and see how far it can go.

I've spent the last couple of days working out all the details I'm aware of at this point. I've figured out the cost of making them and shipping them, factored in what I can pay someone to help me, and searched for good sources for materials. Instead of cheap paper, I cover these "church candles" in beautiful fabrics, and add touches of gold paint and subtle glimmers of rhinestones. They're not only beautiful to look at, but have a nice rich feel in your hand as well. When the candle burns down, they can be used over and over again with little votive candles, or my favorite, the rechargeable battery candles. The designs so far are all beautiful women, but as I search for fabrics, I find so many others I'd like to use too. You can expect some expansion of the designs if this goes well.

I'm rebuilding my website and Etsy Shop next, and hope to have some candles ready to sell in just a few days. They'll be $20 each, and because they're heavy (over 1 pound each), I'll have to charge a bit for shipping. Of course, if you live in Taos, you can come and get them directly from me!

Wish me luck! And always shine your own little light. I still think we can change the world in small ways every day. I grew up in the 60's. I can't help it. (And yes, I'm still working on the cookbook too.)


  1. Congratulations, Kim! You always have great and beautiful ideas! Wishing you much success on this new endeavor!!

  2. I love them and a great price too! They will make Wonderful, super gifts! Very beautiful, Kim!

  3. Great idea Kim. You are so creative!

  4. Gorgeous! And what a fantastic idea. Love your creative spirit. :-)

  5. Love them and can't wait to purchase one

  6. oh well done you! love it.

    The Commonwealth theme this year is 'Women as Agents of Change' and although USA isn't a Commonwealth country, it certainly fits in with this overall theme.

    For shipping overseas you may wish to consider the jars without the candles as an option; then the shipping price can come down a bit. I also haven't seen rechargeable battery candles here in Western Australia; sometimes it takes a while for good ideas to spread through to us, eh ;) however if that would be lighter than a regular candle that might be a possibility too?

    All the very best for your new venture! xx


  7. I was expecting something about food !
    This is why I read your blog ,always an interesting surprise.
    It occurs to me you should call it
    " Veges and Virgins "
    after the "Virgin of Guadalupe candles "
    and the vegan recipes. But, I'm still on my first cup of coffee ....

    I do LOVE this concept and the product too !
    Wonder if any easy printing method like those copier cloth sheets, would work for this .
    Many women who would be inspiring on a candle,may not be "material girls"ie:not available on cloth . I am so interested and excited to see where this new path leads you !
    m.e. :)

  8. I'll be one of the first in line for these. They're gorgeous in photos, and I know they'll be even better in person.

  9. Wonderful idea. Hope to order one soon.


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