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I got a nice note from an e-friend this morning, who also happens to be named Kim Miles, and who's husband is also named Rick. How weird is that? She tried out my tamale pie recipe, and customized it to suit their tastes, which is great! I want to share her words with you here, in hopes that it will inspire even more of you to try something new. Quinoa is awesome. And just so you know, it's packed with complete protein, so if you're thinking of adding meat to the recipe just to add protein, there's really no need. I understand that some of you like meat... I'll be patient with you. :o)

"Hi Kim,
I tried your Tamale Pie recipe the other night and it was WONDERFUL!!!  I have been wanting to try quinoa and had no clue how to use it.  I might have cooked it a little too long because it all but disappeared in the bottom layer but the flavor it added was really good.  My Rick is not a vegetarian by any means and does need his meat for dinner so I added two chicken breasts that I sliced and cooked in Mojo.  And we are both spicy freaks so I added some jalapenos.  I was kind of afraid to do the tortillas because I thought they would be soggy so I only did two - again they were a great addition and I will add the amount you suggested next time.  It is just my husband and me and it did make a BIG bunch but we both took it for lunch and then had it again last night for dinner because we couldn't get enough of it - we fought over the last bites!!  Thanks for a yummy addition to my weekly cooking menu!!!!

Kim Miles"

Nice! Thanks, Kim!
So last night, for Cinco de Mayo, I made nachos. It was the first attempt at this gooey comfort food since finding Daiya "cheese." For those of you who dismiss faux cheeses on general principal, please give this stuff a try. You can find it at Whole Foods, and we even get it here at our little local organic market. It's honestly the only one I've found so far that tastes good and actually melts, unlike some that make your pizza taste like it has grated crayons on top. The nachos were delicious, but kind of soggy, because I made a cheese sauce instead of just sprinkling the shreds on the chips with the beans, olives, mushrooms, green chiles, and jalapenos. Sometimes I complicate things that would be better left simple. 

So my advice on this dish is to do it the easy way. Anybody can pile up a tray of nachos and pop it in the oven. Don't forget the guacamole on the side! If you want to try the sauce, it's actually a wonderful queso dip. Just mix it up and put it in a bowl. I made a huge batch. I usually cook enough food for at least 6 people, so adjust this any way you want. 

I used one 8 oz bag each Daiya Cheddar and Pepper Jack Shreds, one 13 oz tub Bueno Green Chiles, thawed and drained, one can pinto beans, one can sliced black olives, a chopped fresh tomato, and a big handful of chopped baby portobello mushrooms. 

I heated it slowly, adding a splash of beer and some almond milk to thin it down, and a little salt and pepper. It does not turn that lovely orange color of Velveeta. It's more brownish, so don't be alarmed. And it's absolutely delicious. I can't wait for Happy Hour on the patio tonight, so we can finish up the leftovers!


  1. We had Mexican Blackened corn last night and I thought of your recipes. If you delete the bacon and used one of the artificial cheese this would probably be of interest to you. (Actually we couldn't get the Cojia yesterday and all I used was a little feta cheese.)

    the URL is:

  2. Thanks! I'll check it out. I saw a recipe for "vegan bacon" in a magazine the other day. A good reason to try it out!


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