This is a picture of Taos Mountain, taken from the end of my driveway,
on a beautiful January day.

This was taken yesterday evening, from the same spot.
I kept doors, windows, and curtains closed all day yesterday, to keep the heat and smoke out of the house. It worked pretty well, all things considered. It was cooler inside than outside all afternoon, and the air was breathable. After sunset we opened things up even though it was smokey outside. The house was hot and stuffy, so we needed some airflow, even if it was bad airflow. 

It's not so bad this morning. Hazy to the southwest, but we can see the mountains, and the sky directly above is blue with a scatter of little white clouds. The wind is calm right now, but will probably kick up later in the day, which of course is bad news for the firefighters, and also for Taos, which will likely again be filled with smoke.

I think it's starting to wear on people. It seems to make us feel edgy and cranky. Apart from the obvious physical reasons, I think it's because we're feeling, and breathing, and absorbing the fear and sadness coming from the fire. Not just form the people who are displaced and worried about their homes, and the firefighters who do battle 24 hours a day, but also from the burning trees and terrified animals in the area.  Kind of woo-woo, I know. You know me...

My sister was joking (I think) about breathing through a wet washcloth. When I woke up in the wee hours this morning, coughing my head off, that wet washcloth seemed like a pretty good idea. I think I'll keep one on the nightstand tonight. And it's about time to close up the house again for the day. I'd take a deep breath and make the best of it... if I could. The best I can do is let out a deep sigh.


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