Fire and Water

The fire in Los Alamos is not near enough to Taos to be a fire danger here, but the smoke hangs in our air in an eerie way, and the news coverage is sad and disturbing. The wind tends to blow from there to here, so even though the authorities assure us that there's no danger, there's a lurking concern about what might happen if the nuclear lab were to catch fire. It's not worth panicking over, but I think it's worth wondering about, and considering what we would do if the air quality were to be... compromised. We don't really have much potential for natural disasters here. No earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes. We have Los Alamos, and right now, it has me feeling kind of edgy and distracted.

I had planned to make beads today and tomorrow, but I just can't. I can't add any more heat or flame to New Mexico right now. Besides, I can't concentrate. I'm too distracted. So next beads will be made and posted after I come back from Seattle in mid-July. I'm leaving Friday. There's so much to do.

Yesterday Rick and I went to the rio with some friends, for a little picnic and some relaxation by the water. It was so nice to get away for a little while and refuel for these next few days of packing and preparing for a trip. As I keep track of the news on the Las Conchas Fire, and busy myself with laundry and packing, I'm holding on to a little bit of yesterday; relaxing with friends, and hula hooping in the Rio Grande. When things get weird, it helps to act silly...


  1. Here is hoping that the fire is resolved soon and that all will be safe. On a lighter note, my bead came in today and it is even more beautiful than it was in the picture. Reminds me of the poppies from back home :). Thank you so much!


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