Getting Organized

I have too many things to do. I bet you do too. But so what? No use whining about it. Better to just get myself organized and make it all as simple as possible. As Julia and Jacob become more and more self sufficient, I have more of my day to do what needs doing around here. Balance is the goal, and the key to a happy me. So I get up in the morning and get right to it. I do everything in small bites, and break down big jobs into smaller, manageable pieces. Like keeping the house clean. If I do it all at once, it's a huge job, and then it's dirty again in two days. So now what I do is Clean Something Every Day. One thing. Vacuum the rugs, or mop the floors, or wipe off the goop on the outside of the fridge, or clean the bathroom. This is working for me. I don't mind that everything isn't clean at the same time, because it's also not all dirty at the same time. It's more manageable, and in a too busy life, good enough is good enough.

Posting beads here on the blog is much easier than putting them on my website. I'm going to keep doing it this way for as long as it works because it has the added bonus of getting lots of hits to the blog. It can't hurt, and it's easy. That's what I'm after.

Now I'm going to write up a simple explanation of How To Buy Beads, which I'll either post in the sidebar here, or copy and paste every time I put new beads up. Why re-write it every day? Silly! And before I do that, I want to point out the new Follow By Email gadget at the top left of this page. I haven't tested it yet, but I think if you subscribe in that little box, you'll automatically get an email when I publish a new blog post. How cool! How efficient! How speedy! This could be really good if you want to be the first to know when there are new beads. Try it out!

OK, now for the blurb, and then beads to follow.
Here's to simplification, organization, and inspiration!

How To Buy Beads:

The beads are numbered from LEFT to RIGHT, above each picture.
Please order by number, not description.

To order, send me a NEW EMAIL at
DO NOT reply to an older email, or to the email announcement I send if you're on my regular Beadist Mailing List. Those emails get tangled up in Gmail's "conversation grouping," and you may not get your beads.

Tell me how many beads you want in total, and all beads you'll choose from, in order of preference.

If your email is first, I'll send you a PayPal invoice. I only take PayPal.

Bead numbers that are RED mean that bead is SOLD. I update them as quickly as I can.

"Naked" Bracelet Beads are now sized to fit BOTH Troll and Pandora! Weee!
Silver lined beads ONLY fit Troll.
All Bracelet Beads are offered as "naked," meaning NOT lined with silver.
They are $20.
If you want silver, I will add it for you.
These are $30, and remember, silver lined beads only fit Troll.
PLEASE SPECIFY Naked or Silver when ordering.
Silver linings MUST be ordered when you order your beads.
You CAN NOT send them back to me at a later date to have them lined.
Too complicated.

I offer FREE SHIPPING on all beads, everywhere in the world!
US orders are shipped USPS with delivery confirmation.

International orders are also USPS, but are not registered or trackable.
If you want this, it's $15 extra, and probably not necessary. It's up to you.

I ship once or twice a week. Always on Friday, and sometimes Tuesday or Wednesday. If you're in a hurry for your beads, please let me know. Otherwise, plan on Friday shipments.

THANK YOU for buying my beads! I LOVE you ALL!

OK. Got it? Questions? Ask me so I can clarify for everyone.
Now... want some beads? Today I have all Bracelet Beads. Please read the info above so you know what to do. First, two pictures of these beads, Silver-lined, and Naked. I prefer them with silver. I just think it gives them a nicer, more finished look. But I see from your responses to my Marketing Research, and to my little survey on Facebook, that a lot of you would rather not pay for the silver. It might just be possible to make everybody happy here... well, almost everybody. If you want silver-lined Pandora beads, I don't offer that yet. Anyway, look at the difference between Silver-lined and Naked Bracelet Beads...

(These are not for sale)

(These are not for sale)


Available Today
Click the pictures to enlarge.
These are all encased, and all have CZ centers in the flowers.
They're shown on my Troll Bracelet.
$20 each Naked
$30 each Silver-lined

1, 2, 3, 4

5, 6, 7, 8

9, 10, 11, 12


  1. I like that cleaning strategy! Erma Bombeck said, "No one ever said on their deathbed, 'I wish I'd done more dusting.'"

  2. DARN Missed again.....:)


  3. I wanted the red ones....


  4. Yay! I love your beads! And Yay! That they come in sizes for Pandora! Yippiiee! :)


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