I spent part of my weekend taking care of my friends' chickens. Chickens don't really need a lot of tending, so this was not a stressful addition to my daily schedule. It was actually a lot of fun. I just wandered up the street with a bucket of vegetable scraps (lucky chickens to have me feeding them), changed the water, scooped out some yummy mash for them, and checked in on Little Mama to see if any babies had hatched. She's the tiniest little hen I've ever seen -- not that I have a lot of experience with chickens, but still -- and she was sitting there on a heap of eggs that were not even her own. She just wanted to be a mother. Nobody hatched, so I'm not a chicken aunt, but it was fun to hang out with these pretty birds.

On Sunday, Rick and I drove up to the Ski Valley for some not-skiing. Our favorite hike starts there, and goes up to Williams Lake, at about 11,000 feet. There's still a lot of snow on the trail, so we opted for a much shorter scramble up the hill to the waterfall, where I got very muddy feet and a couple of nice pictures of little wildflowers. I don't know what they are, but I sort of collect them, and wait to see if they want to become beads someday. Some flowers work better in glass than others, but they all make my eyes happy. And any kind of hike at all is a good excuse to rest at the Bavarian with a beer.

I thought maybe these were edelweiss, but I'm not sure. Sorry if I get that song stuck in your head...

I'll let the flowers and the chickens incubate in my head for a while (along with That Song, which is firmly planted), and see what "hatches"... No new beads today, but there are still a few left below, that I posted on Saturday!


  1. Whatever those little white flowers are, they, indeed, look happy to see you.

    The chickens must have been really happy having a vegan not snatching their eggs. Those really are pretty chickens.



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