Pink Roses

I was working in the studio this morning, home alone, making a little bead with pink roses in it. Suddenly, Rick, who I thought was going to be at work all day, came tearing into the driveway in a way that told me he was in a hurry, and had forgotten something when he left this morning. Always happy to see him, I looked up from my bead just as he whipped a big bouquet of pink roses from behind his back. What a guy, huh? He does this often, especially on Fridays when a dozen roses are cheaper than carnations at Albertson's. I love that he does this, and I love that he dashed home mid-day to deliver them to me. I also love the synchronicity between the pink roses I was making out of glass, and the pink roses that arrived at my door.

Sometimes it works this way. I'll make flowers and they'll show up in some way. Sometimes I even make flower I've never seen before, thinking I'm "inventing" them, and sure enough, I'll see what I've made in a picture somewhere, or on a hike in the mountains. Coincidence? Well, sure. A co-incidence is two things happening at the same time. But mere coincidence? I think not. I think it's important coincidence that should be paid attention to. I think there's some flower-bead-human communication going on here. Call it silly if you want... And then imagine me as a little girl in a yellow dress, wearing tap shoes, and with her hand on her hip, wiggling her little body and saying, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care

That's how I see me when I say this, and actually, I say it quite often, at least in my head. If I cared about what the poo-poo-ers of the world have to say, I'd never get anything done at all. And so far, flower beads are wanting to be made, I'm happy making them, and a lot of people are happy to have them. To me, that's adding Beauty and Light to the world, which I have a hunch is everyone's real job. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Today's beads are all Bracelet Beads.
They're $20 each "naked" as shown, and $30 each silver lined.
Naked beads fit Troll and Pandora.
Silver lined beads fit Troll only.
Please specify Naked or Silver when you request a bead.
All the ordering details are in the column to the left.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
No CZs

6, 7, 8, 9, 10
With CZs


  1. I'm with you, girlfriend. We will never EVER be able to please everybody. I'm loving your beads! I especially like your color combinations - really nice! I make beginner lampwork beads - none on my website yet! I'll get a round to it one day.

  2. Looks like I missed out on some gorgeous beads, just starting a pandora bracelet, so guess where I will be looking... Life has been frantic lately, and Im looking forward to some peace, quiet, and a pretty new bead.... hugs


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