Ready for Some City Time

Tuning up for my trip to the big city (Seattle), we went to PechaKucha last night. It's fun, edgy, urban, arty. Very un-southwest. Very wonderful. It's just what we Taosenos need now and then, to help us feel like we're not on a island, isolated from the rest of the world. We love it here, but we do get island fever...

In a nutshell, PechaKucha was started in Japan, and has found its way all over the world. A pre-selected group of "Creatives" each take their turn onstage for a short presentation of their work. They get 20 slides, 20 seconds each. That's it. Talk fast, move through it, boom, finished. Next. Last night we had painters, a photographer, a yoga instructor, a tattoo artist, an architect, and a spoken word performance duo. It was fun, exciting, inspiring, and everyone I talked to loved it.

The event was held at the TCA, who's newly expanded lobby is the perfect place for art and gatherings.
There was a DJ. Very hip.

Lots of friends meeting up for the fun.

Chatting, mingling, and networking are part of the appeal.

Deborah and I were just feeling silly.

This little beauty was inspired by the DJ's selections.

She danced, and danced...

...and danced. So cute.

I have no plans to get on that stage, but I do plan to attend PechaKucha Taos #4 in the fall. Find one near you, or come here for ours. And now, I need to pack. I'm ready for Seattle, and bummed I can't be there tonight for their version of PechKucha. If you live there, go! I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and I'll be checking in as I travel. See you out there!


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