Taos Farmers Market

If you're lucky, you live in a community that has at least one farmers market. When we lived in Seattle, my first beads sales venues were the weekly markets. I'd make the rounds to 3 or 4 markets each week, all summer long, and grew to love market life and the people who lived it. Here in Taos we have the Red Willow Market on Wednesdays, which I haven't been to yet, the Sunday Market, which was pretty small last time I checked a couple of weeks ago, and the Taos Farmers Market on Saturdays, which I absolutely love. Over the past few years it's grown into a happening weekly event, with live music, palm readings, children's activities, and of course, loads of beautiful fresh local produce. Rick and I went early this morning, and looped through the booths twice, filling our basket and stopping to visit with friends. It doesn't look like crafters are allowed to sell here, like they do in Seattle, but that's OK with me. I'd much rather go to support the local growers than to try to sell beads alongside arugula and radishes.

This is our friend and neighbor Uschi. She grows the most beautiful greens.

Uschi also grows gorgeously colorful root veggies and other wonders of nature.
She gave me my first kohlrabi last week. What a treat!

The Scone Man was there. The one that's missing here would be Rick's.

Greens everywhere.

Our friends from Argentina recently started this empanada business, and named it for their daughter Lux.
They assure me they're working on a vegan "hempanada" with kimchi. I can't wait!

We got some wheat sprouts here, and a bag a fava beans to either sprout or cook up in some delicious way.

Vegetable Art
Morels aren't cheap, but they'll sure make a nice treat for our Saturday night dinner.

Beautiful bread of all kinds.

The newspaper seller keeps an extra chair handy so friends can stop and chat.

There's lots of shade and seating, so shoppers can rest and enjoy a burrito or espresso.

T-shirt, hat, and basket sales help support the market.

Live music today was the popular and talented Tina and Her Pony.
That's Tina on guitar, and her pony plays cello.

The Hanuman Temple offers fun for kids each week. Last week it was a puppet show, and today they were making felt flowers, fruits, and vegetables to decorate their banner. I made some lovely felt chard. Big kids are always welcome.

The crowds seem to be growing each week. It's nice to see such a good turnout.

Here's our haul for this week, which is supplemented by a personal delivery from Uschi mid-week,
and sometimes from other friends who's gardens are producing like crazy all of a sudden.
Now get your own sweet self to the farmers market near you. And if you make it to the Taos Market, I'll see you there!


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