Time to Let Go

We can't have it all, at least not all at once. Our beautiful trailer was home for over a year, but now it sits in the driveway, making sad little noises and begging us to take her out on the road again. We lived that adventure, and it was terrific. Now it's time to move on - or more accurately, settle in - at least for a while.

I posted the trailer on Craigslist today. Sigh... a little bit sad, but sad is okay. I know that only when we can let go of what has served us well, but no longer serves us, will we make room for what we need now to find us. We don't know what that is. It doesn't matter. All we have to do is trust... and make the space.

You can see the listing on Craigslist. And here are some pictures. Share them with anyone you can think of who might be interested. We'll consider delivery to far off places! The inside is completely redecorated because I couldn't stand the idea of spending time in something that looked like a trailer. We took it from Standard Issue RV to Gypsy Wagon, and it was a wonderful little home for us. We left the outside looking "normal," (except for the cool pirate sticker), so nobody would bother it. And everyone we invited in was amazed at how pretty it was. I'm sure more than one husband is still grumbling at me because his wife insisted on an RV makeover once she saw our place. This pleases me.

And if beauty isn't enough, here are some specifics... It's a 2001 29 ft Sprinter 5th wheel. It was used very little before we got it, and even though we had it out for over a year, most of that time we were in one place, in Ashland, Oregon, so we didn't put a ton of miles on it. Rick made sure it was well maintained, and everything is in good working order. It has a big awning, one slide-out, and comes with a brand new (still in the plastic) queen size mattress and a nice outdoor carpet. You can have the pirate sticker if you want it, but the cute little wiener dog is not included. The price is $13,500.


  1. I'd say you did a great job redecorating the trailer. Did you refurbish the furniture? I thought the dog came for free.

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  2. Good choice of curtain color. It blends well with the interior of the RV and choosing the vivid patterns adds to the visual effects.


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