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My grandma name is "Mimi." It was suggested by one of the midwife interns at Jacob's birth, and I like it much better than any of the usual tags. I was noticing this morning that sometimes a whole day will go by when I don't have the chance to hold Jacob. Even though we all live together, Julia has been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, and is leaving the house more and more. And when it comes to feeding time, nobody can really help with breast feeding... It's OK. I'm not really one of those baby-crazy people. I had my babies. It was a great part of my life. Now I'm doing something else, and I adore the cuddle time I do get.

The little man is almost 7 weeks old now, and soon it will be time for his mama to go back to work. That will mean day care and bottles, which can be a tricky transition for all concerned. Since Julia has a job interview next week, we thought it would be a good idea to see how bottle feeding would go, and I got the happy job of feeding my first grandchild his first bottle. He took to it instantly, and slurped away while holding onto my finger. So sweet. And while I don't want to be his full time day care person, I love that I can spend some of that special feeding time with him now and then, and be here to help when Julia needs to get out in the world on her own and do something like land an awesome job. This is a big step. I'm happy I got to be here for it.

With all this baby excitement in the house, it's amazing that I have time for beads. I fit it in where I can, sometimes early, sometimes late, always with interruptions. I have some nice ones for you today, and I really appreciate how fast you all are snappin' 'em up! Thank you! If you're unclear on how to buy them,  please read the instruction to the left. And of course, ask questions if you need to!

1, 2, 3
$25 each
These are NOT bracelet beads.

4, 5, 6
$25 each
These are NOT bracelet beads.


  1. what a beautiful baby, Mimi!! love from "Gigi"

  2. An absolutely adorable Jacob! Glad that you get to enjoy the cuddle time and that Julia will be getting a job soon.


  3. I like it. Mimi! I have a new nickname from the new kids across the street. I'm "Mintzy." Who knew?

    I love the pic of you and the baby. I think of him as "Lee." Wonder why.

    Watch that fondness. It's sneaky and addictive.

  4. What a beautiful baby! Good luck to Julia on the job. And I like Mimi. My grandchildren call me Mima (came from when the first one couldn't say Grandma & stuck) and my greatgrandchildren call me GG (couldn't wrap my head around the greatgrandma thing!). Polly Anna


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