Let's Eat

I'm in the Albuquerque airport as I write this, on my way to Seattle. I don't have a lot of time today, and there's really not much interesting going on here, except maybe the live choir that was singing when I entered the Sunport a little while ago. Pretty cool, but not a total blog's worth.

So today I want to send you to a brand new blog, written by an old high school friend of mine, Paul Graham. It's called Eating Vegan in Vegas, and it's scheduled to go for one year, giving us 365 tasty days of reading, that will surely encourage us to do some healthy, creative, delicious eating.

I'm particularly fond of all things leafy and green, while I suspect Paul eats his dinner so he can have dessert. Rick is sort of "vegan between parties," but I'm working on him. And I met a woman on the shuttle this morning who eats "raw" two meals a day, and "anything she wants", including meat, for dinner. We all find our balance, one way or another, if we pay a little bit of attention to how our bodies talk to us. I think you'll enjoy EVIV no matter what your food preferences, so do check it out!

I'm changing planes in Vegas today, and I'm already wishing I could dash out for a quick meal before flying on to Seattle. The Swimming Rama at Ping Pong sounds just dreamy to me. Another time, another trip. And I'll be keeping track of my favorites as Paul shares his delicious view of Vegas with us.

I'm off! See you in Seattle!


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to Paul's blog! It's always a treat to discover new ideas for healthier eating. :)


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