Little Reminders

I wanted to get up a little extra early this morning, and just left it to the Universe to figure out how to wake me. Sure enough, at 6AM, a little earlier than I'd wanted, I awoke to the sound of our little dog Heidi preparing to, uh, "toss her cookies." You know the sound. It's enough to make a person leap out of bed from a sound sleep, in hopes of diverting the mess away from the carpet. I didn't quite make it, but fortunately Heidi aimed for the flagstone floor this time. I thanked her for that, cleaned up after her, and went for my walk before the sun was even up. Yet another version of "careful what you wish for." I always think I'm careful with that, but apparently, I need to refine my technique. It all worked out, but next time I think I'll just use an alarm clock.

Now let's have some beads...
These are all CZ flowers, all encased and lined with sterling silver.
Some fit Troll, and some fit Pandora.
Something for everybody!

If you're not familiar with the ordering process, it's really simple,
and all spelled out for you in the column to the left.
Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

These fit Troll only -
$30 each
T1, T2, T3

T4, T5, T6

These fit Pandora and Troll -
$30 each
P1, P2, P3

P4, P5, P6


  1. LOL, I hate when my cat wakes me up like that. Looks like you sold a lot of beads this week.


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