Hiding Out

I am... unwell today. Not exactly sick. Not exactly not sick. I think it's because I got overheated yesterday morning, pulling weeds in the hot sun, on an empty stomach. I started feeling woozy, then queasy, then headachy. By the time I went inside and got some water and a snack it was too late. My system had been thrown off balance, and there was no instant fix.

I think it was the sun. It might also be a bad reaction to selling the trailer, to feeling once again stuck here with no way to change things. It could be resistance to What Is, which almost always takes shape in some form of physical ick. I wear a little charm on a necklace that says, Move Like A River. I've had it on for months. It reminds me to stop resisting, throw my arms in the air, and go with the flow, because it's where we're going anyway, whether we resist or not. Stop struggling, and there is no more struggle.

I'm laying low today, drinking coconut water, eating fruit, napping. I still feel crappy, but I feel better lying down, so that's what I'm doing. I'm not resisting. I'm resting. I'm feeling what I'm feeling and letting it drift on down the stream. What can I do? Nothing. So that's what I'm doing. And that might be the hardest thing for me.

I can't tolerate even the thought of sitting in a hot studio by a torch and a kiln, but I have a bit of a back stock of beads, and I know you need them. So, here you are. From my cozy nest in the coolest room in the house, a handful of beads to make your eyes happy, and to go home with you if you wish. 

These are focal beads, nicely suited for necklaces.
They're all layered and encased, with
sparkling CZs in the flowers, and glimmers
of goldstone mixed in with the leaves.
These are about 15 mm across, 
and the hole size is 3/32 inch.
They do not fit Troll or Pandora.
$35 each







The following beads fit Troll only.
Sorry, no Pandora today, but I'll have some in
the next day or two!
These beads are all silver lined, by hand, and
the hole size is 3.75 mm.
$30 each

T1, T2, T3

T4, T5, T6

T7, T8, T9


  1. "Resistance leads to physical ick". I need a big poster that says that. I once had a teacher ask me if I would rather be a power boat struggling up stream and using up energy, or a cork gently floating down stream. I keep forgetting to shut the engine off!

  2. Maybe it is the convincing ourselves that we are "stuck" where we are that adds to the ick feeling. I've been feeling icky for 20 years lol. Time to change that feeling and just be blessed where I am...even if it is *hard* :).

    I go back to work when the school year starts, so I will be adding more of your beads to my collection. I get compliments on the last bead I got from you from everyone!

  3. Kim, I read often but comment rarely... But your water analogy spoke to my Piscean self. I think you have it a bit wrong... Rivers don't go with the flow. Oh no! They carve their own path, often running over whatever is in the way. One only has to look at an aerial shot of the Mississippi Delta or the GRAND CANYON to see what I mean! I like to think it's more of a gathering of forces (strength) until we can rise above and move on.

  4. There are some good idea being tossed around here... rather like corks on the stream... :o) I'm thinking maybe it's the difference between BEING the river, and FLOATING on it. And I THINK we get to choose.

  5. Kim, please be careful. As you know heat stroke is very serious. I am happy that you are feeling a little better. Take care of yourself and I hope you are feeling better very soon.

  6. Gorgeous beads sweetie!!
    give yourself a break....


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