I'm Going To Vegan Cooking School!

I did it. I thought I'd have to think about it longer, but I really don't think thinking ever got anybody very far. It's doing that does it. So that's what I did.

Facebook can be a wonderful tool. It forces me to distill a head full of words down to a sentence or two. Yesterday, after finishing my blog post, I popped over to Facebook and said, I want to go to cooking school. There. I said it. The Wish is out of the bag. OK Universe... take over! And maybe that's what happened. I'll never know for sure. But a little while later, my next post was, ‎...and then the Universe said, "Get out your credit card, honey. We'll take care of the details later." I'm going to cooking school!

Oh yes I am! I have a real love-hate relationship with credit cards, and try to use them only when I really need to, especially when it's a sizable chunk of change. I believe in buying what I can afford, but that wasn't going to get me where I wanted to be. So here I am, a little deeper in debt, but happier than I've been in years. I know I made the right decision, and now all I have to do is wait... till April. It sure seems like a long time away.

Of course, while I'm waiting, I can cook! This morning I mixed up a beautiful marinated green bean salad. It's still in the fridge, steeping away, and it's too soon to know if it's any good or not. If it is, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I'm going to cooking school!!! Yaaayyyyy!!!
Many thanks to all of you who are encouraging me to do this! I really appreciate it.
And please keep buying my beads... now I have to pay that credit card off...


  1. Oh yes! It's never too late to learn something you've always wanted to know. Good for you!

  2. Congrats, that is wonderful. Suzie


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