Keeping Cool

Thursday evenings on Taos Plaza are filled with music and local entertainment. The free concert series draws folks from all over town. The music is always good, and you're sure to see friends there. Our friend Jill Rounds was part of a fashion show last week, with her elegantly practical thick felt Jijibags. We were there for the show, and loved seeing several of our pretty friends modeling the bags.

Great music from local favorites Max Gomez and Michael Hearne followed the fashion show. I even got Rick to dance with me to New Mexico Rain. It's the song that made me miss Taos when we were away... "If I ain't happy here, I ain't happy nowhere... New Mexico rain when my mind starts to roam..." It was fun, even though we don't really know how to waltz. We haven't had a lot of rain yet this monsoon season. It was kind of hot and muggy out there Thursday night, but people found ways of keeping cool. Some sat on the balcony of The Gorge Bar & Grill, sipping tasty beverages. Others, like us, brought our folding chairs, water bottles, and umbrellas - just in case. The kids were the most fun to watch. They're so creative in how they keep cool and enjoy a good party.

I guess a fan is cooler if you stand on your head. I'll have to try that.

Find a puddle, no matter how small, and stand in it. And always wear rain boots.

I'm waiting, and hoping, for an afternoon rain today. The beadmaking part of my day is finished, so now all that's left work-wise is to post a few and pay some bills. Here you go, and thanks for shopping! You're the ones who keep me making beads! Otherwise, I guess I'd be out looking for puddles.


These fit Troll Bracelets only.
$30 each
T1, T2, T3

These fit Troll Bracelets only.
$30 each
T4, T5, T6

These fit Pandora and Troll.
$30 each
P1, P2, P3

These fit Pandora and Troll.
$30 each
P4, P5, P6


This is a larger bead, with a smaller hole and no silver lining. It will not fit Troll or Pandora.
It's better suited to make a necklace out of. Design something fabulous!
This bead measures about 15x19 mm. It's layered and encased, with sparkly CZs in the flower centers.
L1 - $35

Last up today, this larger bead is lined with sterling silver, 
and will fit Troll, but not Pandora. It's not really meant to go on a bracelet though,
unless you have a larger, chunkier bracelet design going. This measures about 13x19 mm,
and would be great worn on a chain around your neck.
L2 - $45


  1. Hi Kim, great beads today! I was wondering if you could create more beads like the last two that can be used to make necklaces? I love your beads and have a couple (bought some great ones when you were at the Bead and Button Show a while back and recently purchased one when you started up again) but would love to create some necklaces with your designs. Thanks again you are soooo talented!!!!!


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