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It was brought to my attention that maybe some people don't like to shop for beads by email. Some might prefer to just click a button and pay from there. I agree. That's actually my preference when I'm shopping. But experience has shown me that a lot of people, bead collectors at least, really enjoy the thrill of the mad dash. Remember the Secret Bead Club? It was back in the good old days when people had lots of money to spend, and sales were great. It was a huge amount of work for me, and very stressful, so I switched to a regular shopping cart thinking it would look more like a "real" business. And suddenly... sales dropped. Nothing else had changed at that point except the sales venue. I can't even blame the Stinkin' Economy. I think it's as simple as I took the fun out of it.

So now I'm trying to bring the fun back, and keep things sane for myself at the same time. I think it's working well, but if one person suggests that they would prefer to do it a different way, there are most likely others who feel the same. Here's your chance to tell me. I've posted a little one-question poll in the upper left corner of this page. Please take a moment to choose the answer that best applies for you. No need for lengthy discussions. If you're a potential bead buyer, how would you be happiest buying beads?

And now for today's beads. We'll do this the same way we have been.
If you're not clear on what that is, please read the instructions
in the column to the left. I've even created a lovely new 
email button to make it easier for you.

These fit Troll, but not Pandora.
$30 each
T1, T2, T3

 These fit Troll, but not Pandora.
$30 each
T4, T5

These fit Pandora as well as Troll.
$30 each
P1, P2, P3

 These fit Pandora as well as Troll.
$30 each
P4, P5, P6

The following are larger beads that will technically fit Troll Bracelets,
but they're really meant to use as focal beads in necklaces.
$45 each

15x19 mm

12x19 mm

15x19 mm


  1. I remember the Secret Bead Club days :). I also remember the password: ruby slippers. How is that for a memory hehee.

  2. The SBC gave me a reason to look forward to Mondays. I went so crazy during those days I have a PILE of your beautiful beads. I've made jewelry with a few of them but need to make more jewelry before I will let myself indulge again. I always enjoy the pictures you post and am relieved you haven't given up making beads! E-mail works for me.

    Elizabeth Fensin
    Raleigh, NC


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