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The following is the note I sent out to my VIB Lounge Mailing List this morning. I'm posting it here because I think there are some of you who might be interested in beads, but don't want to be on a regular mailing list. I get it! I regularly remove myself from lists, because too much email is just too hard to keep up with...

Good Morning, and Happy Monday!
I know... some of you don't like Mondays. I do. It's a fresh week, with lots to be done, and fun to be had... if you look at it that way!

I have lots of gorgeous new beads posted for you in the BeadShop, and am attempting to kick myself into high gear to get ready for the Holidays.

And now for the Payment News...
I've been noticing a lot of people feeling squeamish about using credit cards and online payments. More and more people are even taking their money out of banks altogether, and moving to a cash basis on almost everything. As the world changes, we either adjust or freak out. I like the idea of changing with the times, so I've decided to offer a payment option other than PayPal. I'll now be accepting Money Orders and Cashier's Checks! 

To shop this new way, you'll have to send me an email telling me what beads you want. If they are still available, I'll mark them as sold on the website, and send you a total by email, along with my address. I'll let you know when your payment arrives (Money Orders and Cashier's Checks only - no personal checks), and will mail your beads after that, usually within a day or two. I'd appreciate it if you'd send your payment within 3 days, so I don't have a lot of packages stacked up here waiting to be shipped. Also, since this is a "lower tech" way of doing things, you might not get the beads you want if someone else buys them through the shopping cart before I get your email. I can't keep close track of incoming email when I'm in the studio. It would be dangerous! So if you really, really want the beads, it's best to use the shopping cart and PayPal.  

Let's see how this works, and as always, I'll make adjustments as we go along.
Thanks for being there. Whether you're buying or just looking, I appreciate the company!

xo Kim



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