Eating Art

Taos is an art town. Everywhere you go, you see art, hear about art, and meet artists of all kinds. It's a beautiful and inspiring place that attracts some very special people, and encourages those who come here to see the world in new ways. After all my time here, I still love to go outside and just look around. It's constantly changing from moment to moment, and day to day. And over time, my eyes are learning to see even the most ordinary things as art.

I would spend a lot more time in my kitchen if I could, and I imagine that someday I will. There was a time when I dreamed of beads and what I would make the next day in the studio. Now I dream of beautiful food that wants to be created. This is not to say that beads are "over" in any way, but they do have some serious competition for my affections and creative energy. My focus is shifting, and certainly my artistic medium is shifting with it. I go to the farmers market, or any given produce department, and see works I'd almost rather frame than eat. I take pictures of beautifully displayed radishes, in shades of pink, lavender, and white, or of giant zucchinis I'm grateful I don't have to make endless loaves of bread out of. I'll buy vegetables I have no idea what to do with, just because they are beautiful and I must possess them. And when I'm cooking, I often get distracted and stop to photograph something before I can bear to chop it to bits and stir-fry it.

Last night I decided to make a "simple" shepherd's pie, which turned out to not be simple at all, and took even longer than I expected because I got all smitten with another cauliflower leaf. They get me every time. So pale and delicate and perfect. Sigh... I stopped all food prep to get a picture while the Taos light was still just right, slanting in through the window just before sunset. The eventual dinner was good, but too complicated to write about for now. At least I got the picture...

Last weekend I fell head over heels in love with a Romanesco Broccoli, and took it home like it was an adorable puppy. I took pictures of it, and posted one of Facebook, where a friend pointed me to a link telling me what it was. It's still in my refrigerator, and although I hate the thought of dismantling it's fabulously fractaled form, I hate the thought of letting it go to waste even more. I'm considering a simple pasta dish with cheese sauce and  a drizzle of basil pesto. Or maybe a stir-fry with exotic black rice to contrast with the gorgeous green. While I decide, I'll take a few more pictures...


  1. i've had several of those. get over the photos and eat it! such a delicious lovely art piece veg. yummmm.....
    love, katy

  2. wow I have never seen let alone tasted this beautiful vegetable!
    thanks yet again, Kim
    Ruth on the Rogue


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