I've got to get serious about making some beads. I will. Today. Later. I feel like I have spring fever in the fall. I can't concentrate on my "work." I just want to play and cook and do anything but go to the studio. I know it's time for a new career, but I don't want to abandon beads completely. There's some balancing to be done, and it can only be done day by day, or even moment by moment.

I went to an art opening the other night, for a show called SEED. It's inspired by the book Seeds, by Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy. Look at the cover. This is so beautiful.

Today I want this book. I want it to magically appear at my studio door, and I want to sit with it for the afternoon, in a sunny window, with many cups of earl grey tea. I want the images of all those wondrous, mysterious seeds to work their way into my subconscious, and sprout as new ideas and inspirations. I want to make brightly colored beads with spikes and thorns and knobs. Impractical beads that can't be worn. I'm so weary of being practical. I want to throw it all in the air and see where it lands. I want to see what can grow in this darkening part of the year.

Of course my inner boss has already slapped that idea down, reminding me that a girl's gotta make a living. But maybe she'll get distracted today. And maybe I can sneak in some time to make something just for the fun of it, something nobody will want, something just to make my own heart sing.


I spent yesterday writing a week's worth of entries for PositivelyVegan. Today we have DIY Almond Milk. And tomorrow, cheese!


  1. It's really hard to choose between responsibility and passion huh? Some people get lucky and have these 2 aligned. But for most of us, it's really one of the hardest choices we have to make. Hopefully some day you can get those 2 together.

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  2. If I had to choose, I'll go for passion. They say that before you die, you regret the right things that you didn't do more than the wrong things that you did.


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