Wild Shoes

The question is not, But where will I wear them? The question is, Which ones to choose first? Most of my clothes are black, so my options are wide open here. Must be another symptom of this crazy Fall-Spring Fever...

I'm particularly drawn to the skully designs, probably because I live in New Mexico, and because it's October and Dia de Los Muertos is coming up fast. I really think I need the proper shoes for the occasion. Get your own wild shoe fix from Iron Fist at Polyvore.com

And yes, of course they are genuine not-leather.

Today on PositivelyVegan, Nut Cheese!


  1. I guess it is the Southwestern in me too that makes me love the skully shoes too lol! Both my husband and my youngest were born on Dia De Los Muertos, so I have more than one reason to observe and celebrate :).


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