Wind and Cupcakes

The wind is blowing from a strange direction that looks and sounds more like all directions. It scares me. It's the kind of wind that knocks trees down, or just breaks them in half, and I'm glad Rick cut down the dead trees in our driveway this summer. At least now they won't fall on my car. I have to go out later today. I don't want to. I've spent most of the morning so far hiding in my office/closet, which is a lovely room in the center of the house, with no windows other than skylights. I feel safe in there when the crazy wind blows. Adobe houses don't shake or creak much with the wind, so if I just go in the office and play some music, I can almost ignore what's going on outside.

It's not my fault, this fear of wind. I used to love to go out walking on a blustery fall day. It must be a post traumatic something-something, from when the wind knocked me down right after we moved to Taos, ripping my arm out of the socket in the process, and breaking my shoulder. Never again will I attempt to hold onto something that's trying to fly away from me - in this case it was an EZ Up tent. If something wants to fly, away it goes. I guess that holds true for people and things and situations. When it's time to fly, there's little point in holding on. Best to let it all go.

My favorite quote for today is:

"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!"Author Unknown

With that in mind, I've posted the recipe my absolutely perfected, delicious, and even healthy Chocolate Black Bean Cupcakes on PositivelyVegan. I intend to eat cake until the wind stops blowing.


  1. Okay. With this new comment format, I hope my comment will post! Love the picture and I'm going to try making those cupcakes! Yum. I can see why you fear the wind. It certainly isn't totally irrational. You experienced a trauma. I like your post today. Its the old Kim writing that so enjoyed when you were out there campground hosting. Take care. Fondly, Levonne

  2. I made a trip to Sunflower Market to get everything that I need to bake these up today, and also for the zucchini noodles with peanut sauce for dinner. Kim, no one has inspired me as much as you have to finally make the jump from being vegetarian to vegan. I've thought about it for a few years, but now seems like the time. Thanks for the nudge! I feel even that much better now about my choices.

    By the way, that wind, that CRAZY wind made its way up here yesterday afternoon. Holy moly!

  3. Just ordered my vegetable spiral slicer tool. Let the games begin! Yay!!


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