More Phone-tography

I'm still having fun with my iPhone, particularly with the camera. A friend told me about the Photoshop Express app the other night, and I'm totally diggin' it. I only have free apps on my phone because my monthly bill is high enough already, thank you. Some of the free apps I've downloaded have been a silly waste of time. I delete those within moments of installing them. But this one is pretty useful, as it gives me a few more editing options than the auto-adjusting editor built into the phone/camera. I can crop, brighten, adjust contrast and such, and also play with borders and special effects.

Here's one I took the other morning. I'm fortunate to have such a photogenic view from my dining room table. The original picture is nice. Maybe it's good enough. But I have to mess with things and see what else they can become. The edited version is more dramatic. I'm not sure I love the border, and I could do it over a bit differently, although I probably won't. I'm not selling these, after all. It's just for fun.

My friend Gregg sent me a big box of persimmons last week, from a 100 year old tree in California. They're absolutely gorgeous sitting on my kitchen ledge, waiting to ripen. I'm going to miss them when they're all baked into breads and cookies, and of course eaten like squishy, sweet apples, dripping over the sink. The first photo is the original, and the second one has the color popped and the border blurred. It doesn't look exactly "real," but I tend to think reality is pretty overrated.

These tools we have that double as toys are getting more and more amazing every day. We might as well explore them and see what they can do. Maybe the play will us lead somewhere, and maybe it's just for fun. But isn't "just for fun" reason enough? I think so.


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