This is what's caught my attention today. I have several more in the kiln, and might share some of them in a day or two, but the one on the right is mine... It will remind me to get out of the way, stop complicating things, and keep it simple. The simpler the better when it comes to beads like these. Enough is just right.

The Official 2012 Bead Project turns out to be nothing like I had first imagined. The only rule is No Rules, and in fact, it isn't even a project. By the powers vested in me, I hereby give myself permission to make whatever I want to, even if it's flowers, and even if it's not. I also agree to consult the Divine Universe on a regular basis, to be sure I'm listening with my eyes and hands and heart more than with my mind and bank account. And, furthermore, I promise only to make beads when making beads makes me happy, so you'll always feel the love when they come to live with you. Happy New Year. Hallelujah. Let's make beads.

The countdown to Mexico has started. A week from today we'll be sitting on the beach, sipping tasty beverages, and celebrating two of our three kids' birthdays. Yeah, it's hard to concentrate on beads right now, but I'm doing my best. I'll post a few over the weekend, and then close up the BeadShop on Tuesday and mail everything before we leave. I'll also draw a winner for the Bead Giveaway on Tuesday. I realize I haven't posted a picture of the prize yet. Hm. So distracted. Maybe tomorrow. 

Have a lovely evening, and I'll do the same.


  1. Beautiful beads...this is a good start to the "letting it happen" bead project. Step back and quit trying to control the cosmos, it's like trying to nail jello to the wall. Go with your creative impulse, it can't be any worse than blue stripes, right??
    Linda in Tucson

  2. Lovely job of heart over mind!

  3. WoW! If that is what throwing your artistic self to the mercy of Karma looks like, then all's I can say is WoW!!!
    Those beads are just simply amazing!

  4. No Rules makes for Fun Work :)! It is only 5 degrees here today, so I am very jealous of your Mexico trip lol!


  5. Look what happens when you get out of your own way! Delicious beads! I would love to see your personal stash . . . .and. . . . I want to go to Mexico too.

  6. I love the one on the right that you've decided to keep! And congratulations on deciding to make what you want to and not be tied to anything specific to do (or not to do).

  7. Oh Kim, just saw your new heart beads...I know what I'm going to be saving for, gorgious! Beth in Illinois

  8. I 'heart' the new beads!!! I, also, will be saving to give myself a valentine.

  9. Going where your heart leads seems to agree with you - the new beads are absolutely beautiful - totally different and a fantastic way to start your journey and your vacation.


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