We all wish we had more hours in a day, and more days in a week, and more years in a lifetime, right? But we get what we get, and we have to make choices in how we spend it. I'm getting better and better at choosing what I want over what I think will make someone else happy. I guess that's one of the perks that comes with age. A certain amount of uppityness becomes more socially acceptable. It makes us seem interesting, hopefully, and also hopefully, not too bitchy.

Yesterday was the Superbowl. I'll be honest. I hate football. I mean no offense to those of you who love it. I just happen to find it a huge waste of time and money, and I've noticed that the mere act of watching it on TV tends to make people act all crazy and mean and aggressive. I know I'm in the minority with my football disdain, but I'm used to that. And I've gone to enough Superbowl parties over the years to know that I never have to go to another one again.

Not that I was actually invited to one yesterday. Rick was, because we don't have cable or dish or any other gizmo that brings actual TV stations to our television. I could have gone with him, but the one thing I adore about football is that Rick has to go someplace else to watch it, leaving me with a few hours to myself, and leaving him some time on the drive home to shake off some of that excess testosterone. I even resisted the tempting offer to go to a movie with a girlfriend, which was hard, but I knew how I wanted to spend my Superbowl Time - in the studio. And here's what happened...

I think I'm calling them Flower Fossils. and yes, I know they're flower beads, and yes, I know I thought I might not make flower beads anymore. I also think I made a No Rules Rule, so if the flowers want to emerge from what started as HeartStones, well, that's totally up to them. I'm just the hands that let the creativity through. It's all about the process, and I suppose even these will morph into something else before long. I'm enjoying the ride, and I'm glad I made the choice yesterday to follow my friend Inspiration into the studio. If I hadn't, she might not have waited until today for me.


  1. Love the turquoise and gold bead. And, yes, I was thinking as I looked at these - hey, these are flowers, very different from your other flowers and very nice.

  2. Spectacular beads - ya think they'll fit on my bracelet ;-).

    My 15 year old grandson, who has played soccer since age 5, is very quick and agile as well as large. He was seriously courted to play football at his highschool in the very deep south (near Alabama). After one semester he said no thanks without much further comment. One of his old soccer coaches just grinned and said, yeah, football is for thugs. So glad my grandson figured that out on his own before he was injured - in many ways. Norine

  3. Just reread this post and realized it sort of ties to the comment I made on the previous post about not doing anything with my Laffy Taffy beads. I suppose, NOT doing something with them is actually a choice too. It's ok to use them and it's ok to choose to just look at them.

  4. We are so much alike....I too cannot stand pro football and was sortof' glad that Charlie had to work this year and was able to watch the game with like minds and fans....I made 10 prs of earrings and did a few etched pieces and really enjoyed the day by myself.
    But then I also missed going to Arizona(I'd decided to use what I already have and not buy this year)Trust me, I'm certainly not short of beads,crystals,pearls,findings etc etc You get the idea hahaha
    Your new beads are beautiful and the smile on your face during your vacation is gorgeous!!! Life is Grand!!
    Thanks for sharing

  5. My Pandora bracelet whispers to me every night-"I need Kim Miles' Laffy Taffy beads!"

  6. Wow! And wow again! I absolutely LOVE these new beads. The HeartStones, Flower Fossils, TileStone are all amazing, beautiful and mesmerizing. Just gazing at them feels like going on vacation. Fantastic!!

  7. We planned a GREAT super bowl party that you would have enjoyed. Invited our best friends to go to an art gallery with us....then home to drink some wine, have dinner and listen to some good jazz. The only rule to our super bowl party was "no super bowl to disrupt our lovely evening"!!!!!
    I love your super bowl beads! Diane in PA

  8. Although I'm a happy carnivore, I think it would be interesting to see your vegan side express itself in your beads. Want to wish you good luck on your traveling vegan writing. I'm certain your fellow vegans would be delighted to know the great places to dine in various locales.


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