Dog Park

One thing leading to another again, as it always does - little people on beads led to little dogs on beads. I really want to show you what these look like as a whole piece, so I shot these short videos. They aren't great film making, but I think they give you a better idea of what these beads are like than a series of photos do. Unfortunately, my bead shop software will only let me use still pictures, but after seeing these, you'll sort of know better what you're looking at. And as a reminder, when I take more than one picture of a bead for the BeadShop, you'll find little arrows beneath the main image, so you can click to see them all, and click on each picture to enlarge it. I think some people don't know that. It's not all that obvious. These beads will be available in the BeadShop sometime on Friday. I'm calling them the "Dog Park" series... of course! I love my little doggies!


  1. Well these precious beads are just too adorable for words! Woof!

  2. Okay, I must have that first bead!
    Love, Love, Love these!
    Of course I manage a pet food store, so it's right up my alley!

  3. Can't wait for tomorrow!! I have a small black dog that looks so much like the doggies on your beads. Dogs and lampwork...what could be better!!

  4. Great beads, love the doggies. Suzie

  5. What, no dachsies? Oh, please, please!!!

  6. You weren't kidding about the Bead Muses being positively chatty. These are so much fun -- I absolutely adore these beads!! It's exciting seeing all of the new ideas bursting forth. You sure know how to make glass dance. I think I need an ever bigger bead box. ;-)

  7. Oops, forgot to add hugs! oxox M-E

  8. Love them! Next cats!!! LOL

  9. As the proud owner of two black dogs -- WOW! These are gorgeous.


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