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It's only March, but here comes April! I have two big things occupying my attention right now, the half marathon in September, and cooking school next month! It's coming up fast, and I'm super excited. I'm attending the 10 Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersion in Seattle, plus three extra days of teacher training. I'm a good cook now, but I'm looking forward to being great, and to sharing what I know through blogging and teaching.

I got a message from my friend Joan yesterday, saying she had a vegan coming to visit (oh my!), and did I have any suggestions on what to feed her. Of course I did! And she also gave me a great idea for a class I could teach. Something along the lines of How to Feed a Vegan, for people who are not vegan themselves, but want to know what to feed their vegan friends and relatives when they come for a visit, or just for dinner. I know from experience that we throw most of the dinner parties around here, because our friends don't know what to cook for us. There are more and more vegans and vegetarians in the world every day. Eventually you're bound to run across a few, and I want to take the "food wall" between plant eaters and everything-else-eaters down to the ground! My goal after cooking school is to teach classes here in Taos, sometimes in my own kitchen, but more often in people's homes, so they're comfortable making "weird food" in familiar surroundings. I also want to take my skills on the road, maybe to your town and your kitchen! Sounds like a party to me!

But back to beads for a minute - I'll be away from home and studio for most of the month of April. That means no new beads then, and probably a closed shop for a few weeks. It also means that if you're planning on ordering a Birthstone Snow Globe for Mother's Day (May 13th), you need to do it now. Literally. I'll close orders for these in a couple of weeks, because I can't promise to fill a bunch of orders when I get back from Seattle. I do intend to re-open the BeadShop in May, and of course it's open now. I don't ever want to stop making beads completely, but I do hope to bump them back to hobby status one day, and put more focus on helping people learn to feed themselves in the most healthy, delicious way possible.

I feel the world changing, fast, fast, fast, and I love being part of it. Life is good! Eat your greens! If you want some recipes, hop over to my other blog, PositivelyVegan. I think I'll be blogging there a lot while I'm in Seattle. This is going to be good! Ah, but it's only March... I'd better pay attention to where I am now. Time for breakfast!


  1. This is going to be GREAT!! I love your idea of teaching "How to Feed a Vegan" and I would imagine there would be a big demand for it as more and more people consider changing their eating habits, even if it starts with one meal at a time. And I think YOU will be AWESOME doing this.

    I live amongst omnivores and I love it when a meal is finished and someone says, "Wow - that was fantastic. Can we have that again?", and I debate about whether to reveal the "secret" that it was an entirely vegan meal. :) Thanks to your Positively Vegan blog, I have new ideas and recipes to try. As I tell my family and friends, one doesn't need to Become Vegan or Become Vegetarian in order to enjoy delicious, healthy meals that simply happen to have no animal products. Have a fabulous time in your class and travels!! xoxo M-E


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